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Hi I'm Richie There's nothing I like better than helping other dog lovers take good care of their pets. It feels great knowing I have helped someone... and their dog. When I get a reply saying "thanks..." it always makes my day.

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Hello, as a boy, the nearest I came to owning a Beagle was when we visited my grandfather. My sister and I were always pestering grandpa to let us take the Beagles for a stroll along trail close to the river.

Every now and then those Beagles Grandpa raised would make a break for freedom.I have long-lasting memories of those four beagles taking off into the sunset. Their ears were flapping and their mouths turned up in grins at the thrill of the chase. Grandpa would be hollering at them to come back and those Beagles simply took no notice.

Grandpa’s Beagles were the worst trained dogs you could possibly imagine. They would come home on their own a few hours later filthy, tired, and exhilarated. The happiest creatures on the planet.From those early days, I developed a lifelong love of dogs. Read More..