10 Ways To Deal With Overweight Beagles

ways to deal with overweight beagles.

Hello, everyone. Let's have a look ways to deal with overweight beagles.

Every month your Beagle is chronically over-weight, reduces his/her life expectancy by 2 months.

Your Beagle will eat all the food he can get then use a woeful pathetic face to beg for more. Resist those big soft brown eyes and avoid giving calorie rich treats to your Beagle. You will be “killing your Beagle dog” with love.

Beagles Are Clever Dogs!

We once had a neighbor friend who I asked to help me install a doggy door.We were having real difficulties getting the Beagle to use the doggy door.

So my neighbor goes outside with a dog treat in hand, and I stay inside trying to coax Four Pence out the door.The dogs having none of it! Now Four pence is a food hog so I go outside with a slice of pizza from the pizza the delivery man just dropped off.

Now I am outside with the neighbor and the slice of pizza trying to tempt Four pence out with the food.

He's not coming out. What? Four pence loves food! What gives? We open the flap to see what's going on and Four pence, having now gotten us both out of the house, is up on the coffee table eating the entire pizza out of the box.

Beagle Health

Health issues linked to weight gain include heart and respiratory disease, diabetes and joint conditions. Add in arthritis, liver disease, and possible spinal disc problems and you have a recipe for disaster.

​​​​How Can I tell If My Beagles Overweight?

An overweight Beagle will be 15% over the considered optimal weight for the breed. The best weight for an adult Beagle is 26 to 33 pounds. Puppies that ate heavier than this might be overfed. Get your vet to test your dog and suggest a lower calorie diet for him/her. A low-calorie diet will have added fiber keeping your Beagle feeling full for longer.

10 Ways To Deal With Overweight Beagles

There are a number of ways to deal with overweight beagles. Unfortunately with smaller breeds – like Beagles – it’s a lot easier to overfeed them. That's because they don’t need that much food to start with. So just a few extra snacks through the day can tip the scales.

1.0 Free Feeding

One of the primary reasons for overweight Beagles is that their owners allow them to have free feeding.If you fail to control of what your dog eats and the intervals of his or her meals, you could unintentionally cause several illnesses.Controlling when and what your Beagle eats will help keep him healthy and free from obesity.

2.0. We May Be Killing Our Dogs With Kindness

We need to consider re-evaluating the food we feed our dogs.Take into account their age, the activity they indulge in and their overall health.

4.0 Begging

It's OK to give your Beagle occasional table scraps but never directly from the table. If you feed them from the table they develop a habit of begging while you are eating. This will eventually result in obesity.

4.0 The Garbage

A Beagle is able to sniff out food anywhere around the house, including in your garbage can. A hungry Beagle will make a quick meal out of any discarded food. this will, contribute to his obesity and probably make him ill. Put your garbage into a trash with a brick on top.

5.0 Nutrition

When looking for ways to deal with overweight beagles nutrition is a top priority. Without the right food, your dog can easily become obese or even worse, become ill.

6.0 Fast Food

We all know that fast food is bad for kids but few of us realize that fast food is also not the best diet for an overweight dog.

You may be wanting to know what fast food for pets is. Simply, fast food for pets is a tin of dog food. Take the time to read the label on a tin of processed dog food.You will discover that its full of weird and wonderful additives.

7.0. Not All Tinned Food Is The Same

Surprisingly many of the more expensive and well-known labels are not a good choice. When you are dealing with overweight Beagles you will discover that there are many good quality ready prepared pet foods available. Shop for the best food for Beagles. Use the same concern as you would for the human members of the family.

8.0 Using Fresh Ingredients

As an alternative preparing your own healthier meals from fresh ingredients is a remarkably cheap and easy option.

9.0 Exercise Your Beagle

Dogs need to get lots of exercises to stay healthy. Give your Beagle plenty of exercise. Beagles are lazy dogs and need to be motivated to use up energy by playing and running around.

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"If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise" Unknown

10.0 Containment

Try to avoid situations where you have to keep your Beagle locked up all day. This can make him or her unsocial, obese and depressed. When you are dealing with overweight beagles creating opportunities for exercise and entertainment plays a significant role in keeping your dog's body healthy.

You may find changing old habits difficult at first a little "tough love" will result in a far longer, healthier, happier life for your best friend.

 overweight beagles

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