5 Techniques That Will Help You Get Your Beagle To Listen

get your Beagle to listen

Hello, everyone thanks for visiting today. Let's take a look at five techniques you can use to get your Beagle to listen.

Beagles are inquisitive dogs and they have a reputation for ignoring cues.

Once described as "a nose with feet," the Beagle is a dedicated sniffer. Combine that amazing sense of smell with his desire to chase it down and all training goes right out the window.

These dogs are easily distracted, and it's often about a scent they feel they need to track. They just cannot turn off that hunting instinct.

If you don't have your Beagle on his leash and he smells something exciting he may ignore your frantic calls, take off, and disappear over the horizon.

Your dogs failure to respond to your commands can very frustrating, and this behavior can be downright dangerous.

So, what’s happening and what can you do about it? I’ll share a few of my ideas, and I’d love to hear from you too in the comments.

get your Beagle to listen

What To Do To Get Your Beagle To Listen

1.0 He doesn't understand what you’re asking him to do

Taking the time to work out how to get your point across to your dog can make all the difference and prevent a lot of frustration for both of you.

With proper training, a dog can and does learn not only English but whatever languages their owners use.

Your dog is able to learn around 160 words and it’s not just your words he's picking up on but also the tone you use when saying them.

Next time your dog doesn’t listen to you, ask yourself if he really understood the command.

Some dog owners expect a little too much from their dogs.

He has to learn what every word means, and outside of those you've taken the time to teach him, all others are just 'Blah, Blah to him!

You may have already learned just how often a Beagle puppy ignores the word NO! This is because the word NO is a soft word, with no sharpness to it. This means there's nothing in the word to get your dog’s attention or to stop him from continuing whatever action you wish to stop.

If you’re frustrated with your dog’s behavior, yelling at him or telling him NO! may interrupt what he's doing but it won't change that behavior for the better.

Using Cues Effectively

Instead of NO! Try to use a more meaningful cue:

For example, if your Beagle jumps up on you to say “hello,” say SIT! You're letting him know you don’t appreciate his jumping, and sitting will solve the problem.

If your Beagle looks like he's going to do a runner tell him Stay!

Make sure your commands mean ONE thing, not several things. If you want to get your Beagle to listen it's always best to use the same short clipped words so your pup learns from repetition. Be consistent!

He won't know that STAY HERE, WAIT, I'LL BE RIGHT BACK OR DON'T MOVE means the same to you.

2.0 Your dog needs to enjoy your company

If you are struggling to get your Beagle to listen he may have learned that there's greater reward if when he ignores you.

The way to get his attention is to make sure you're more interesting than whatever else he may be doing.

You need to be attentive, positive, and unpredictable! Play games with your dog, keep some highly valued treats in your pocket and try to make your walks more fun.

Raise the level of your dog’s motivation by employing really exciting rewards; bits of chicken or a few bite-sized dog treats can help keep his focus on you. Find something “better” for him to do like a ball game or a nice game of tug.

Start by asking him to do things in an area that aren’t quite as busy then gradually increase the challenge as he becomes more eager to join in what you want him to do.

3.0 You Never Really Taught Him

You would be surprised how often a failure to teach the basic commands is actually the problem!

New dog owners often assume that dogs come hard-wired with basic rules and regulations.

This is not the case!

Your Beagle will always need to know how to apply the basics... his safety may depend on it.

WATCH ME, SIT, and STAY are the building blocks for other cues. Knowing these helps your dog to successfully perform more complex behaviors.

If you want to get your Beagle to listen make sure that your training sessions don't become routine.Try to keep things fun.

4.0 Teaching a Beagle Puppy His Name

Keep your dog on his leash so he doesn’t move away.

Call him using his name and give a slight tug on his leash.

When he looks at you tell him GOOD DOG! stroke him on the head and give him a treat.

Repeat until you get his attention without a tug.

Teaching The Basic Commands

Here are ten basic commands that can get your Beagle to listen get your beagle to listen, understand and do what you want him to do.

Watch Me!

The watch me! cue will help you get your dog’s attention. This cue will be helpful at all stages of your dog's training. Keep in mind that using this focus cue in high-distraction localities may prove difficult at first,

This is when using treats, praise, and other positive reinforcement be sure your dog knows that you are the most interesting person in his life.


SIT! is the gateway to other behaviors, such as STAY!, DOWN!, and HEEL!. This basic becomes so ingrained in many dogs that whenever they see a treat, they sit.


Come! means to stop what he’s doing and return to you. It’s easy to teach, and important in an emergency. The command helps you control stressful situations far easier, and helps keep your dog out of harm’s way.


STAY! is hard for some Beagles to learn, but it’s worth the time and patience. Using STAY! can stop your dog from running in front of a car or lunging at a strange dog at the park.


It often becomes necessary to wrestle something out of your dog’s mouth. The DROP IT! command makes life much easier for you.


Leave it! can give you peace of mind knowing he won’t grab something he shouldn’t have.

A Beagle is an energetic dog and may need to be held in check for a short time. It keeps him in place until you let him know its time to go.


Okay!is useful because this releases your dog from any other command you’ve given. Okay means the dog is now free to move.

Heel! helps control your dog on a walk, or when you are around other people or their dogs. The command puts him at your side where you have better control of him should you meet another dog owner whilst walking.


OFF! tells him to stay down and not to jump up on you or anyone else. Use it to keep your dog off the furniture.


STAND! makes it easier when you're trying to groom him or give him a bath.

get your Beagle to listen

4.0 Your Dog Is Afraid He Will Be Punished

Disciplining a dog who didn’t understand the command properly will only make matters worse.

Your dog will be afraid you will be angry and he does not want to listen because he knows he's about to be admonished.

Dogs do not like to be disciplined and fear can make them do things that could put them in harm's way.

5.0 He Doesn't Want The Fun To End

If you're in the habit of mostly calling your dog when it’s time to be bathed or when its time to leave the dog park, he will play deaf rather than following your command.

Your Beagle doesn't want to accept that the fun is now over and, still wants to run and play. The dog park is one of your dog’s favorite places so it's not difficult to see why he does not want to leave.

To get your Beagle to listen be sure to call him for the fun stuff, as well.

For example, before leaving the park take a moment to play with her, let him keep the stick he found and allow him to smell things on the path on the way out.

get your Beagle to listen

One More Thing

If you have tried these ideas and are still not sure how you can get your Beagle to listen the best solution may be to get the help of a professional dog trainer. Good dog trainers are able to interpret relationships between owners and their dogs and suggest ways to improve them. This usually leads to a happy ending and lots more listening!

Bye For Now!

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