#1 Guide To A Better Relationship With Your Beagle

build a better relationship with your Beagle

Hello, everyone.Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock. The relationship that develops between a Beagle and his owner is usually very special.

A Beagle is a great dog to share your life with, but it doesn’t happen automatically. It's going to take some work. In this post, I am going to share a few things you can do to build a better relationship with your Beagle.

Before I do this I thought I would share the story of Barney the Beagle

One morning, television reporter Dick Wolfsie found a shivering Beagle puppy on his front porch. Dick took the pup inside the house and went to work.

When he came home he found his wife cleaning up what remained of the shredded couch, the living room curtains, and her favorite high heels.

The family soon demanded that Dick either takes the dog to work with him each day or finds the Barney a minimum security facility. So, off to the station they went.

It wasn't long before Barney nosed his way in front of the camera with Dick. Soon the dynamic duo would make TV history. For ten years—more than 2,500-morning news shows—fans watched the renegade pooch chew, howl, and dig his way through every one of Dick’s reports.

a better relationship with your Beagle

He also burrowed his way into everybody’s heart, becoming a beloved media star. Mornings with Barney is a hoot from start to finish, but more than this, it is the moving story of a mischievous pooch who touched and brightened the lives of an entire community.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Bonding With Me?

Our expectations are usually at odds with our dogs’ nature. We want them to be friendly and well behaved. They expect us as the Alpha, to lead them in the normal day-to-day dog activities.

  • Does your dog check in with you from time to time when she is out and off the leash?
  • When your dog is in an unfamiliar situation and feeling a little uncertain does she look at you to see how you want him to behave?
  • Do you notice your dog watching to see where you’re going and what you’re doing?
  • Does he trust you — and do you trust her?
  • Does your dog listen to you when you want her to do something?
  • Will your dog match her pace to yours when you walk.

If you answered no to some of these questions, there’s some work to do on your relationship.

Making Time For Your Beagle

build a better relationship with your Beagle

A relationship is about being with one another and sharing experiences. Time spent together strengthens your bond, especially if you spend that time in ways you both enjoy.

Beagles must have time to "sniff" and will become depressed if they are not given the opportunity to use their God-given talents. Spend the day in the woods, exploring and looking for new sights and smells. If your dog seems interested in something, get in for a closer look.

Use things you find when you’re out and about to have fun with. Jumping over fallen trees and hiding in the undergrowth is all great fun, as long as it’s safe.

For scent hounds, try laying a trail for your dog to follow. These hard-wired behaviors are the things that your dog finds self-rewarding, and when he does them his brain releases the feel-good chemicals he needs to keep him healthy and happy.

He doesn’t just like doing these things, he needs to do them, and you need to make sure you give him the chance to do them.

Family Outings With The Beagle

build a better relationship with your Beagle

Sunday morning breakfasts in the park give the family time to bond with the dog and he/she will love the attention from everyone.

Take your dog to your children's soccer games. Your Beagle will get tons of valuable socialization with all the other parents and children wanting to say hello.

Exercise should be something you do with your dog, not to him. Always have some dog biscuits with you so you can reward her good behavior, and make your dog want to be with you. Have fun when you’re out with your dog.

Beagles crave attention. Talk to your dog while you are busy doing chores around the house. My dog loves a good conversation. She's either a very good listener or just very polite.

When they find you, everyone gets very excited. Beagles love this game and all you have to say is, "hide and seek?" and they go nuts!

I take my Beagle for "special" car rides that only she can go on. She loves riding shotgun, for morning drives to the dog park where she enjoys meeting people and romping around with the other dogs.

build a better relationship with your Beagle

Schedule a daily play time and do your best to stick with it. Don't worry, your Beagle will remind you when it's time to start the game.

Dogs are like children, they like dog toys. Mine get really excited when they get a new toy, but they soon become bored with it. I rotate my dog's chew toys to keep them interested.

A Better Relationship With Your Beagle?

build a better relationship with your Beagle

A dog that comes when called can get to spend more time off the dog leash.

One of the best ways to improve your relationship is to do a little training every day using positive reinforcement. Allowing your dog to show off and providing rewards for successes is a fantastic way to increase trust and build a positive relationship with your Beagle.

Set your dog up for success when you ask him to do something. If you ask your dog to do a complicated task and withhold that biscuit until she manages to get it right, all you're doing is increasing the level of frustration for the two of you.

This kind of training decreases the amount of fun your dog has in trying to do what you ask.

Rather recognize your dog's limits. Determine what she can and can't handle. Choose a task your dog can handle with flying colors. Be sure to give a tasty reward and hearty praise when she masters it.

 Allowing your Beagle show off her skills will increase the dog's confidence and his trust in you as a strong safe leader.

Make your walks interactive. Ask your dog to sit at every corner, change direction randomly and change his pace to match yours as you slow down and speed up.

The Importance Of Patience

When your dog does misbehave it is important to keep your temper in check. Losing your cool or becoming violent can cause great harm in the relationship with your dog.

Communicating With Your Beagle

Humans tend to dominate the conversation when it comes to our dogs. We expect them to grasp everything we ask them to do. The problem is that we don't take the time to try to understand what they're trying to tell us.

A dog can express more with her tail in minutes than his owner can express with her tongue in hours. Anonymous

Many owners approach dogs from their point of view. This is because they have a limited understanding of what dogs actually “think” and what their rituals are.

Your dog will approach you based on her genetic inheritance with the language that they know, as a species.

This language allows her to communicate how she is feeling and likely to respond to whatever may be happening in her space at any given moment. Most of this information can be picked up from your dog's body postures or facial expressions.

Fred Jungclaus puts it like this:

"I used to look at Smokey and think, "If you were a little smarter you could tell me what you were thinking," and he'd look at me like he was saying, "If you were a little smarter, I wouldn't have to."

If you can spot when your Beagle is feeling anxious or frightened, it becomes easier to protect or help her deal with situations where she may be feeling uncomfortable. When your dog can rely on you to have her back, the trust between the two of you becomes an unbreakable bond.

Dogs pay attention to what we do more than to what we say. This means that we should attend to what we do when we communicate with them.

"Men cannot think like dogs.... [There exists] a sharp difference in the mental capacity of humans and canines. For example, a human who is given an intricate problem will spend all day trying to solve it, but a canine will have the sense to give up and do something else instead." Corey Ford

Learn to pick up the more obvious cues. For example, if your dog is somewhat fearful she may offer signs of submission. Her body will be low, ears back, tail down and front paw raised. Eye contact will be brief and indirect and the corner of the mouth will be back. Your dog may lick the air or the other dogs face.

The Importance Of Mutual Respect

build a better relationship with your Beagle

Trust is built when dogs are not only taught commands, but owners learn how to relate to their dogs through gentle discipline, kindness, and mutual respect. Mutual respect means no harsh correction, forcing, or yelling.

Where there's no respect, your relationship with your dog will be out of balance. And trust me, when your relationship with your dog is out of balance, nobody's having fun.

Owners often falsely assume their dogs enjoy something when they are actually just being tolerant.

For example, for us, hugs are a way to express love, support, joy and other emotions. It seems perfectly normal to us to want to wrap our arms around our dogs and squeeze. But some dogs will feel threatened, afraid, or just flat-out hate the feeling. Actually, you'd be hard pressed to find a dog that really enjoys or wants to be hugged

Take some time to think about what your Beagle was originally bred to do. This will give you some very clear pointers about who she actually is.

Partnerships cut both ways. There’s no point becoming angry because she doesn’t always come back when you call her (she’s a Beagle).

One Last Thing

The best rewards you can give your dog are those she wants most and will work the hard to get.

Nothing is free! Have your dog work for dog snacks and meals just as she works for treats. At dinner time, get your dog to sit before putting her dog dish down. This creates a connection in your dog's mind that working with you earns access to those delicious dog snacks.

Become the custodian of the dog toys. Treat all these things as rewards that can be earned. Your dog will be much more attentive if you are a walking goodies dispenser.

Beagles are food hogs. Home cooking tasty meals for your Beagle is a way to show your affection.

Discover what your Beagle really enjoys doing. Make sure you’re the one who provides him with that, rather than her having to have all her fun solo. That’s the very best way to improve the relationship.

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