Continued From Home...It is really impossible to resist the charm of a Beagle's smokey brown eyes, or that pathetic, pleading expression. They're beautiful, happy and friendly dogs and loving — qualities more than balanced out by their hound personality, which can be determined, inquisitive, and centered around food.

Since then I have raised dogs, written about them, rescued them, trained them, fallen in love with them, and had my heart broken by them.This Website is my special project.

If your Beagles's behavior could use a little improvement, or you are just looking for ways to improve your relationship with your little pal then this blog is for you.

In addition to my dog training masterclass you can learn how to introduce a beagle puppy into your home, how to feed a well-balanced diet, what to do to keep a dog in fine physical shape, and much more.If you ever need any feedback or support raising your Beagle, I would love to connect. Simply leave your comment below any of our posts.

Be sure to visit this site regularly as we are always adding new techniques and advice that we come across. If you love Beagles as much as I do I am sure you will find the content interesting.

On the business end, we only offer products that we would use ourselves with our own pets. From playpens, crates, toys and beds to training treats, dog houses, leads and accessories.

We’ve got reviews on the must-haves and the nice to have items.


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"A start up at heart still striving to remake our expectations. And to repeatedly remake itself."

I wish you everything of the best.

Thank you for dropping by. God bless and thanks for reading."

Richard Sprawson

Richard retired from his own retail property business in 2012. His time these days is spent keeping an eye on his business interests spending time with the family and of course his precious dogs.

A life-long dog lover and he's raised and trained dogs for more years than he cares to remember!

So it’s no surprise his sites have become the number one spots for people searching for information about their pets.

Established 2012 - The idea was to create a website that was full of helpful training information and products that were trainer-tested and carefully chosen to be the safest and best quality.

Beagles In my Kitchen is one of the largest and most frequently visited Beagle websites on the Internet.