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keeping your Beagle well groomed

Bathing An Uncooperative Beagle- 7 Easy Steps

Bathing An Uncooperative Beagle

bathing uncooperative beagle dogsMorning, all. Have you ever wondered why is it that you can’t keep your Beagle out of the sea, stream or pond but have to chase after her and drag her to the tub? It’s not much fun bathing an uncooperative beagle !

The Beagle might come back from his walk completely smelly by our human standards,but smelling just great for a dog. So, what do we do? We chuck her into the tub with soap.

When we are bathing Beagles the soap developed for human noses, not doggy ones. When last did you see a soap marketed with the fresh aroma of rotting refuse or stinky fish?

Dog cleaning items with scents like citrus or fresh herbs would not rate in bathing beagle’s top 50 or even 100. Seriously, bathing for a Beagle is like a nasal offensive.

Combine fear of the unknown with restraint and slippery footing. Now add in the rush of water crashing from the tap into the tub. You’ve got a nightmare scenario for the dog. 

It’s no wonder its a nightmare bathing an uncooperative Beagle..

When Your Dog Refuses To Cooperate


When you are bathing an uncooperative Beagle you can can relieve the dogs reluctance by putting her in a dry booster bath. Try offering her a favorite treat so that she associates good things with having a bath. Once your dog is in the dry tub add a little water.

Now you can offer even more delicious treats as a reward for wading.

Work up to more water a little at a time.

Giving your puppy a bath for the very first time may seem a bit intimidating. It doesn’t help that they jump and move around the whole time. So start equipped with all the things within hands-reach. That way you won’t have to leave your puppy dog unsupervised.

Brush Your Beagle Before The Bath


Brush down your Beagle completely before you give him/her a bath. Get rid of some of the dirt. This will make it a whole lot easier for you to wash him. It may take an extra 5 minutes, but in the end it’s definitely worthwhile.

Once you’ve brushed him, decide where you will wash your dog.

Prepare all your equipment in advance. If he/she is already soaped up or wet you may need someone around to watch your pup when you have to go fetch something.

Avoid buying aromatic dog shampoo. The finest shampoo for bathing Beagles smells like nothing at all.

Bathing An Uncooperative Beagle 


Now your Beagle has been brushed and everything you need is within hands reach.You are all set to bathe the little scoundrel.

1. Get your puppy inside the tub. Cover his ears with cotton balls. Be careful you don’t push them in too deep, just barely enough so that they hold. The cotton balls will help prevent water from splashing into the dogs ears.

2. Use the pet shower sprayer to get the puppy wet. Start from his neck then move to his back and work your way down his body. Leave his head for last. You really want to be very careful when washing your puppy’s head. Avoid getting shampoo in his mouth and eyes and water into his ears.

3. Now that he’s sopping wet, get his shampoo and apply generously to his back. Ensure he is nice and soapy before going on to the next step.

4. Time to wash your Beagle beginning at his neck. Then work your way to his back, his butt, his sides, stomach and finally legs.Clean any dirt from between his paw pads using your fingertips.

Almost Done!

5.  All you have left is the Beagles head and face. When you are trying to get his face wet, don’t use a hose or a shower head. They spray too much and can be scary for the dog. Rather use your hands for this step.

When puppy’s head is wet, rub in just a little shampoo beginning from the top of his head and working down. Use caution around the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Try not to get any shampoo into these sensitive parts.

6. Now it’s time to wind up the bath with a solid rinse. Start from the top then work your way down your Beagles body washing off any of the soap. It’s very important to rinse his coat thoroughly. Take your time with this.

You’re Done!

7. Your Beagle should smell great and look clean (but mostly wet). Just grab a nice big fluffy towel or dryer and dry your puppy.

That’s all today folks.Good luck bathing an uncooperative Beagle. 

“Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.” Franklin P. Jones (humorist and PR executive)


Richie S.


About the Author Richard

Since I retired from business I have had the time to write. I have learned so much from these dogs over the years and count myself something of an expert when it comes to Beagles.These dogs and their owners deserve to have a voice. If you have anything interesting that you would like to share or any opinions about any of the content I have created on my site please speak up. I enjoy feedback in any form. I would love to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit this site regularly as I am always adding new techniques and advice that I come across that I know you will find interesting. Anyways, I wish you everything of the best and thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoy the blog. If you're a Beagle lover like me I'm sure you will enjoy what I have to share. Cheers, Richard S.

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jay says November 30, 2016

great tips! in addition, for a puppy who doesn’t like to get wet, we use the ‘dog dry shampoo’ or waterless shampoo. so he will avoid the water but still fragrant and fresh.
However, we still recommend bathing with water like the way you give above, thanks for sharing

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