Help! My Beagle Puppies Crying At Night

Beagle puppies crying at night

Hi, everyone. For a Beagle puppies crying at night is normal behavior. I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at this issue after this comment by Stacy who wrote;

"My Beagle puppies crying at night. I've had her 5 days now, she's 7 weeks old and will not sleep in her bed. She likes to sleep is on the sofa next to one of us. Does anybody know how I can get her to stop crying at night?"

Beagle puppies are more than likely to cry when you first bring them home. Your new beagle puppy is afraid, lonesome or simply getting used to their new surroundings.

Why Are Your Puppies Crying?

You have to understand that most Beagle puppies are born into large litters. They start life with the advantage of always being able to comfort one another. Separating brothers and sisters can be a very traumatic experience. You will see this during the night when your puppies are missing their siblings.

The good news is that your puppy will start sleeping through the night from around 4 months old, but he/she will need a little help before that.

Two Puppies- double The Money Double The Fun?

It's a good idea to bring two puppies home at once. Companionship will help ease their loneliness. Raising two Beagle puppies will be a lot easier than only raising one. Keep your two Beagles in a puppy playpen together and after a week they will calm down.

Puppies that are used to having warm bodies to snuggle up against and find themselves alone in a dog crate can be a little lonely. This is why raising two Beagle puppies at the same time is a little easier.

What To Do When Your Beagle Puppies Crying At Night?

Play with your puppy before bedtime. You want him to be tired enough to sleep soundly. Don’t allow your little friend to take a nap an hour or two before bedtime. If you do your puppy will be ready for play when you’re ready to turn in.

Just before bedtime, take the new puppy outside to his potty area.When he/she goes praise your dog and then bring her back inside.

Letting your new little friend sleep in your bedroom will cut the chances of your Beagle puppy crying at night.

Hot Tip! Don’t let the puppy sleep in the bed with you. It can lead to many behavior issues as your little pet grows.

If you've started crate training, put the dog crate in your bedroom and use it to confine your puppy while she sleeps.

Wrap a hot water bottle in a dog towel or thick blanket. Put it in the crate at the end of the bed to simulate the warmth of another dog. You may try getting a stuffed animal to put inside the puppy's crate to help her feel more comfortable.

Get some Adaptil Spray. This spray that can be applied to bedding where it releases a synthetic analogue of a pheromone that is secreted by bitches during whelping. This spray relaxes dogs and puppies and should help them get a peaceful nights sleep.

Here's Where The Rubber Meets The Road

When you have a Beagle puppy crying at night you will have to decide if she has to potty or whether your puppy is looking for attention. If your puppy's been quiet for a couple of hours and suddenly starts to cry she might need to go out. Beagle pups have small bladders, so you’ll probably have to take her out once or twice during the night.

If your Beagle starts crying at night do not rush to comfort her. This is hard to do. After more than 50 years with Beagle puppies leaving a little pup alone crying in her crate still breaks my heart.

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If you have followed my earlier advice you can rest assured you have covered all of your puppies needs. You may experience few difficult nights but by going down to check on the puppy you can accidentally reinforce the crying.

One Last Thing

Punishment will NOT stop a Beagle puppy crying at night. Anger or attempts to discipline will be stressful for your puppy , and will adversely affect your future relationship with your dog. Be patient and it won't be long before your little Beagle stops crying at night.

I'd love to know what you think about this issue. Let me know in the comments.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” Charles M. Schulz

Bye Now!

Richard S.

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