Surviving Beagle Puppies Teething And Nipping

Beagle puppies teething and nipping

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"Our adorable Beagle puppy has just started to bite. I admit I think it is playfully however she doesn't know when to stop or how hard she's biting. Trying a Yelp noise and letting my hand go limp makes it worse.We have tried giving a toy many times for distraction and that doesn't work either."

Why Is My Puppy Nipping?

Your Beagle puppies teeth may be coming through. He will need something to relieve the pain and pressure on his gums.

Nipping is the way they explore the world and enjoy playing with other dogs. Some puppies bite because it gets your attention. Beagle puppies need to chew. It helps teeth to grow. Show the puppy what's okay to chew and what's not.

Beagle Puppies Nipping In The Litter

A Beagle puppy goes through the teething phase from 4 months of age until 10 months. They start losing baby teeth from four 4 months. Adult teeth start showing around 6 months.

They begin learning to control their bite from their mothers and their litter mates.

If a puppy in the litter nips or chews too hard, their sibling lets out a yelp. The hurt sibling will either fight back and return the nip even harder. The hurt pup will refuse to play with the biter any longer. Bite mom too hard and they might end up missing out on a meal as she stalks off.

Puppies taken from their mother and litter mates too soon, miss out on this character building and personality training. The longer a pup can stay with her mother and siblings, the better he will behave.

It seems that puppies taken from their mother younger than eight weeks show a more aggressive form of chewing and biting over pups separated after the two-month mark.

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Surviving Beagle Puppies Teething And Nipping - 5 ways

Teething and nipping form part of growing up. Chewing simply helps them deal with their pain and discomfort.

1.0 Take Away Items Your Beagle Can Chew

Remove inside plants and breakable items. Make certain there's nothing poisonous he will be able to get his mouth on. Hide anything your puppy could chew. If he is able to fit something into his mouth, he might choke on it.

One sure way to deal with a teething Beagle puppy is, to take away anything she is not permitted to chew. Give her something else.

I like to use a treat dispensing dog toy.

Put things he is nor permitted to have out one at a time. If she tries to get the item tell her, " Leave it " and direct him to something she's allowed to have.

Don't pull the item out of your puppy's' mouth that will just, make your dog want to have it.

2.0 Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Chew Toys On Hand

Toys not only help while teething but also distract puppies from harming things like furniture or your shoes .

A Kong Classic is made from natural rubber is an excellent choice. They ease the pressure felt in their gums. Run water over Kong Chilly Bones and place them in the freezer to offer soothing relief for sore gums.

You can also try a Nylabone or a Benebone. These plastic dog chews in the shapes of bones, wishbone, balls, and sticks flavored with chicken, bacon, or liver make great chews.

Soak dog rope toys in chicken or beef broth and freeze them. This will create a fun treat that also helps the teething process.

Some owners use puppy teething rings made from all natural materials that are easily digested. These products help by cleaning teeth, massaging gums, and even freshening your dog's breath.

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3.0 If Your Puppy Does Nip You, Say "Ouch!"

Use a sharp tone and walk away. Show your beagle nipping is bad is by taking no notice of him. When he stops nipping, reward him with affection and praise.

Some puppies are inclined to bite ankles not hands.Teach puppies that do this, to play with a dog tug toy instead. Redirect your dog’s natural tendency to chase and bite by involving him in a game of tug.

4.0 Try Hand Feeding Your Puppy

This is the ideal way to bond with your pet. It creates an opportunity to reward him for not snatching!

5.0 Keep Your Beagle Somewhere Safe While You're Out Of The House

A soft sided playpen is a great option. You can also use a walk through gate to keep him in a room of your choice. Take your little pal out of his dog crate or dog play pen for regular play to get rid of excess energy. A bored puppy is more likely to destroys things while you're out.

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One Last Thing

Puppies love to be handled and may affectionately want to play with you like she would her litter mates. It is perfectly fine for a pup to want to lick.

It's okay if they playfully hold your fingers in her mouth as you play. This is normal, and a form of bonding.Any form of aggression or pressure should be promptly discouraged.

Find comfort in the fact that Beagle puppies teething and nipping days will pass quickly. If you are consistent with training, your puppy will learn by four months whats okay to chew.

I'm probably leaving out some information. What other tips can you give on this issue?

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