How Can I Stop Beagles Howling The House Down

stop a Beagle howling the house down.

Hey, Dog Lovers. Today we will be looking at how to stop Beagles howling the house down.

It’s a given fact that dogs bark. Barking is part of their normal communication process and behavior. Sometimes dogs bark for good reasons, such as when strangers approach their house.

Most of us want our dogs to be "watch dogs" and alert us to anything unusual. But dogs can also bark inappropriately.

Excessive barking deprives others of the comfortable enjoyment of their homes and can lead to neighborhood disputes. When the barking is loud, frequent and continues over a long time, it is legally defined as a “Public Nuisance.”

Three Types Of Vocalizations

The Bark

They have the generic bark, which in Beagles is a bit more potent than in other dogs. They have loud, booming voices.

The Howl

Then there's the howl, which was used when dogs actually caught their prey. When a hunter heard this howl, he knew to quickly catch up with the dogs so that he could get an easy shot to down the quarry.

The Beagle howl is quite amazing to those who are not irritated by it. 

The dog throws his head back, noise pointing straight up and lets out a long, drawn out haunting "song".Yes,Beagles howling the house down Its a very sad sound that's difficult to forget. 

The Bay

Finally, there's the bay, which is a cross between a bark and a howl. The howl can have a musical quality. The bay is usually the most annoying of the vocalizations because it is loud, harsh and throaty.

The Beagle often bays when it spots something of interest, which is often. That's why vocalization is used with some insistence, making it even more annoying.

All of these vocalizations carry over long distances.

The Beagles vocalization is a result of his hunting past. Hunters tend to enjoy this baying. The Beagles howling the house down and the neighbors may not feel as pleased. Beagles are not generally "talkative" dogs, but they can sound off when they are home alone, or bored.

Beagles As Family Pets

Beagles howling the house down.

Although your Beagle may no longer be hunting or tracking game they are hounds and that causes them break into a deep, howl, otherwise known as a bay. If there isn't anything to hunt, they will find some alternative reason to howl

The dog's reason might not ever seem that important to you however barking is the Beagle's way of telling you their basic needs. Beagles will howl when they're lonely, bored, looking attention,

If they've noticed something intriguing, or just simply because it's fun.


Many things may trigger the alert, such as dust, a car back firing, a shadow or the wind slamming a door shut.

When your dogs howling punishment will seldom calm him down.You need to understand what exactly is making causing the problem and then you can begin to figure our how stop a Beagle howling.

​​​​Why Your Beagles Howling the house down

Your Dog Is Wanting To Play

Dogs don't like just “loafing about ”. Beagles, regardless of age always want to be involved in whatever the family may be doing.

​​​​If They Are Safe-guarding Their Home

Most dog owners do like being informed when a complete stranger is approaching the property. In certain cases, when your Beagles howling or barking at guests, the neighbors or people passing the house, a solution for that particular type of situation will need to be found.

He's Becoming Bored Or Feeling Lonely

If your Beagles howling the house down it could be  because he's suffering from Separation Anxiety.

He's Hungry

Most likely dinner is a little late? Beagles have an extraordinary internal clock and usually, know precisely when it's time to eat.

The Dog Wants To Go Outside

Once potty trained, your Beagle attracts your attention when he needs to go outside.

Your Dog Spots Another Dog Or The Neighbors Cat

Most dogs bark when seeing another dog.

Your Dog In Pain

Your Beagle may not stop howling, however, there are techniques to persuade your noisy chum that he needn't vocalize all the time.

How To Stop A Beagle Howling

Most dogs bark. Some bark occasionally, others bark practically all the time. Some dogs yap, others shriek or howl. Excessive barking causes a lot of bad feeling between neighbors.

What can dog owners do to prevent this?

Here are several tips that will help when your Beagles howling the house down.

1.0 Manipulation Or Intense Attention-Seeking

Getting your attention doesn't have to a bad thing but there are times when the dog just wants to secure extra food, stroking, etc.

This is especially true if you've capitulated to these demands before. It isn't a wise decision to let your Beagle decide when and how often he's fed or stroked. These things should be doled out on your terms, not his.

2.0 Disturbance Barking

 Beagles howling the house down

A Beagle has acute hearing and can feel incredible anxiety and unease if there's a sudden, high-pitched sound.

If this is only an occasional event, you should use simple calming techniques.

When your Beagles howling take the dog inside. This is not "bad" behavior so try not to scold. Rather reassure your Beagle things are okay. Talk in a matter-of-fact voice and gently pat him.

Your tone of voice and your actions will be your dog’s cue to know if he or she should be “on alert”. If you stay remarkably calm and behave normally the Beagle will calm down.

If you dash about shutting windows, covering your dog’s ears, etc…this is signaling something is “wrong.” This will cause louder barking.

If you live in a neighborhood where there are car alarm systems and police sirens are going off at frequent intervals train your Beagle. Try to desensitize your dog to that particular sound. Slowly expose him until eventually, the dog grasps that there's no reason to howl.

3.0 Territorial Barking

When your Beagles howling to protect your residence, it's important not to get angry. To end this territorial barking you have to show your beagle you're the pack leader. As a result, your Beagle will settle down and be more relaxed. They will stop feeling the need to bark and protect your property.

4.0 Separation Anxiety

One of the biggest problems with the Beagle's howling or baying is that the dog will use these vocalizations when left alone. Beagles thrive on companionship and are miserable if they don't have a playmate for long periods of time. They'll also howl to entertain themselves.

Your Beagle could have separation anxiety issues and will howl until you get home.Try not to shower them with attention when you get home. You will just be rewarding them for their barking. Rather ignore your Beagle for about ten minutes when you get home, blocking the association between praise and barking.

5.0 The Need For Companionship

Beagles need and want company, love, and attention. Your dog may start pining for you when you are away. Doggy day care might possibly remedy when your beagles howling from loneliness and tedium.

Will Training Help?

Beagles howling the house down

All the training in the world will not stop a Beagle howling, however, you can easily get him to know when it's okay to howl and when not to. Redirect your dog's attention on correct, activities.When he begins howling, immediately start a game he enjoys.

Startling another approach when your Beagles howling is great if you find that you are unable to focus his attention on something else. Use a spray gun to startle your dog and get his attention, then give him a dog toy.

Using a crate with your Beagle will also help to calm him down. It's somewhere he can retreat to until it's time to get active once again.

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Appropriate Use Of Rewards

Beagles howling the house down

Your dog may ignore your commands at times but that does not mean he's dumb. It's okay to reward your dog for good behavior but watch out he doesn't decide that you're rewarding him for barking.

If you give him a tasty dog treat the moment he has quieted down, he might think he just has to bay or bark then go quiet to earn a dog biscuit. In no time at all, he'll be making twice as much noise as before. Rather, get him to do something else and then reward him for that.

One Last Thing

It may help to take your Beagle for an extra walk every day; even if this is just for fifteen minutes or so. Not only will it tire him out just a little, it will also fulfill some of his urges him to be calmer when he's with you.

Now that you know how to stop Beagles howling the house down don't think you've got it made. Once in a while, if he will let out a howl when you least expect. He's just remaining true to who he is as a breed.

Have you ever had to file a nuisance complaint against a neighbor on account of a barking dog? Was your complaint successful in getting relief? How do you rate the dog laws in your area?

“Sometimes you're sure dogs have some secret, superior intelligence, and other times you know they're only their simple, goofy selves.” Deb Caletti, The Six Rules of Maybe

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