8 Sure Ways To Increase Your Beagles Life Expectancy

Beagles life expectancy

Hello, everyone let's take a look how you can increase your Beagles life expectancy by providing good care for your dog.

I have experienced first hand how sad it can be to watch your little friend age and for every Pug owner there will come a time when we have to face the inevitable and say goodbye.

Last July I held my best friend of 13 years as she calmly slipped from this world. Putting our Missy down was the hardest thing ever I've had to decide, but the most loving act I could do for her.

The loss of a pet is never easy to get over and for many owners, it can be one of the worst days of their lives.

The average Beagle's life expectancy is 13 years. Your dog may live to the age of 10 or as long as 18 years.

When Is A Beagle Considered A Senior Dog?

A Beagle is a veteran around the age of 7 years.

Yes, the time goes by so quickly. Before you know it your dog is a senior. Your vet will decide this not only by the age of your dog but also by his health, activity level and more. No Beagle goes past the 9-year mark without being classified as a senior.

Changes To Expect In Senior Beagles

Gray Hair

Older Beagles may start to show gray hair. This will usually be on the muzzle and around the eyes. The coat may also become thinner and duller.

Sleeping And General Loss Of Vigor

Older Beagles sleep more than usual. This is quite normal. He may tire out rather quickly when playing.

Slowing Down And Muscle Difficulty

Senior Beagles often get Arthritis. It will be worse if the dog has been injured as a youngster. This may only cause some slight stiffness but in many cases turns out to be a serious condition. Older Beagles often experience difficulty with stairs, jumping into the car, or handling snow.

It's a good idea to get your beagle an orthopedic memory foam dog bed to sleep on. Older bones and joints need a little-added support.Increase your be Beagles life expectancy by letting him sleep comfortably.

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There are supplements available that can help support healthy joints. They may help give your dog a better quality of life and may even help to increase your Beagles life expectancy.

Older Beagles who are not exercised lose muscle mass and tone. Regular exercise becomes important for the health of the muscles, the heart, digestive system, and your dogs general well being.

Simplify your exercise. Try to match your dog's new range of abilities. Swimming and or regular short walks will help support and strengthen your older beagle’s muscles.

Changes In Hearing

An older Beagle may begin to experience hearing loss. Some changes will help you to interact with the dog and help reduce the effects. A sure sign that your dog is having trouble hearing is when he fails to respond to his name or verbal commands. Your dog may suddenly bark for no reason.

If you do notice that your dogs hearing is deteriorating teach him hand signals for the various commands. Do this while he can still hear.

Special care should be taken to protect them from hazards, such as cars and kids that they may not hear or see.

Changes In Vision

Many breeds develop a blue rather cloudy haze in their pupils This is a normal effect of aging this condition, the lens of the eye appears cloudy. The dog will still be able to see quite well.

Cataracts are a more serious problem. Forewarned is forearmed! Every senior Beagle will develop cataracts.

Beagles can continue to get about with very limited eyesight so long as their surroundings are kept constant. Keep your furniture in the same place in your home. It will help your old Beagle to get around.

If you notice any significant changes in your dog's ability to see or in the appearance of his eyes contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. With early treatment, many diseases of the eyes, such as glaucoma, can be managed with simple oral medication.

Bladder Or Bowel Problems

Your Beagle may not have time to go outside to pee. This is usually as a result of a weakening of the bladder. your dog's bowel muscles may also be weakened.

Make sure that your dog has easy access to the outdoor bathroom area. Take your older dog outside more often.

If you find that your dog always thirsty, this may be a sign of canine diabetes or a kidney problem. These conditions will have an effect your Beagles life expectancy and quality of life. Report this development to your veterinarian right away.

Losing Teeth And Bleeding Gums

An older dog is more likely to develop a tooth and gum condition. Your dog might drop treats or refuse to eat. This is where good dental care pays off.

Tartar, tooth loss and gum disease may all be a problem. Of course, tartar and plaque build ups, bleeding gums or smelly breath could be a sign of oral cancer, infection, a kidney infection or diabetes.

Changes In Temperament

Your Beagle may become confused or disoriented. He might get lost in his own yard, or become trapped in corners or under furniture.

The dog may pace and have trouble sleeping. You may find him/her dog staring into space.Your Beagle may not recognize friends or family members.

Many of the behavioral changes we see in older dogs can be due to medical conditions. If your dog's behavior is changing, have your dog examined by a veterinarian

increase your beagles life expectancy

Increase Your Beagles Life Expectancy

Here are a few things I wish I had done differently when I started out with Beagles.

1.0 Exercise Your Beagle

Your older dog may not want to play as much as before but brief walks of about 15 minutes a day will help keep him healthy.

They will sleep more as seniors and they don’t require the same level of exercise so watch their weight as their activity level decreases.

It may be a good idea to switch to a senior diet that helps support bones and joints and is lower in calories.

2.0 Keep A Close Eye On Your Beagles Weight

Your dog won't be keen to race about or play games as he/she used to as a puppy or young adult. For this reason, weight gain is common.

Obesity can be a serious problem and can dramatically shorten a Beagles life expectancy.

A good weight is important to keep up for the life of your Beagle. Do NOT let your senior Beagle get fat! Increase your Beagles life expectancy by controlling his diet. Over feeding will result in discomfort and may lead to more serious health issues.

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3.0 Watch For Increased Water Consumption

If you find that your dog is constantly thirsty this can be an early sign of kidney disease or diabetes. Many of these diseases can be treated or managed through medication. Consult your vet to have appropriated testing conducted.

4.0 Checking For Lumps

You may notice a thickening of your dog's skin This could be a sign of a tumor, cyst or cancer. Older dogs may also need to be groomed more often, with special attention around the anal area. Check you Beagles for strange growths or lumps.

Look out for any change in size or appearance. A change may indicate some malignancy.

5.0 Prostate Enlargement

Older male Beagles have a greater than 80% chance of developing prostate disease. This is not normally fatal. Prostate enlargement, however, often causes the dogs to have bowel problems. This may include difficulty urinating.

Have your Beagles prostate gland checked as part of the regular physical exam. The chance of Prostate disease is greatly reduced when a dog is neutered.

6.0 Check The Thermometer

Older Beagles begin to feel the cold. You might need to keep him inside during hot or cold weather.

7.0 Check Ups For The Senior Beagle

Owners know their dogs better than anyone else. They are more likely to notice physical changes in their dogs. The problem is that they often regard changes in their Beagle’s activity or behavior as just being part of the aging process. These changes could be a sign of a chronic disease which is most easily treatable when caught early.

The goal is to keep your Beagle happy and healthy well into their teens and to do that takes dedication, knowledge, and lots of love.

God Bless

Richard S.

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