The Best Dog Food For Beagles – A Definitive Guide

best dog food for beagles

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Hello, everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog today. I am often asked to reveal what I think is the best dog food for beagles. There are a lot of very good brands available and also a few shockers so I have been known to duck the question. Today I am going to lay it all out and give you my recommendation for the best dog food for Beagle puppies, adult, and senior dogs.

Beagles are a popular small breed North American dog... playful, inquisitive, friendly, and a wonderful family dog. If you're in search of a happy-go-lucky breed which will often amaze you with his intellect and zany character, the Beagle is certainly a breed to take into account.

They were bred to hunt resulting in exceptional energy levels and a formidable work ethic. Beagles are lively little hunting hounds but as family pets, they often get insufficient exercise. Weight issues can become a serious problem for Beagles. Obesity can affect your Beagles health and may lead to an early death.

Beagles adults range in size from 13 inches to 15 inches and usually weigh between 20 and 35 pounds. As a small, active breed, the Beagle has an average life expectancy of 13 to16 years.

Beagle Health

Beagles are healthy dogs but they may suffer inherited conditions like hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism. Some develop health problems including diabetes, seizures, and common allergies.

If you have a Beagle, do yourself and your little friend a big favor him a commercial diet specially formulated to match his nutritional needs.This post will give you a few tips on how to choose the best dog food for beagles.

Perhaps you would like to stop lugging heavy bags and get your dog food delivered to your front door. The good news is that you pay less as well. 

Nutritional Needs For Beagle Dogs

Being a small to medium-sized dog, your Beagle has very different food requirements than larger sized dogs. Large dogs have higher total daily requirements for calories, but small-breeds need more calories per pound.

Growing beagle puppies and young adults consume more calories than adult dogs Beagle that lies around the house during the day, will probably need fewer calories.

Keep him on a puppy formula for about six months and let him feed freely. As soon as your pup reaches something like 80% of his adult size switch him over to a small-breed adult formula.Begin rationing his servings to two portions a day.

When your Beagle approaches his senior years, his metabolism will slow down so it's possible you will need to cut down his fat consumption so that he does not become obese.

The Importance Of Protein In Your Dogs Diet

When you begin shopping around for healthy dog food for your Beagle, the very first thing to look for is high protein content. I generally strongly recommend a dog food that has at least 25% protein. For beagles, I generally prefer to go a little bit higher.

Now, you can give your beagle plenty of protein but when it’s not from a high-quality source it will be less nutritious. Ideally, a quality dog food will feature several meat proteins in the first ingredients. Whole meats are chicken, beef, fish, and lamb. Look for salmon or chicken and not non specified generic sources like poultry or meat. Meat “by-products” are way less desirable.

Meat meals are a valuable addition to any commercial dog food diet because they are a high source of protein already cooked down to moisture levels around 10%.

The Importance Of Fat In Your Dogs Diet

Fat is yet another essential thing to consider for your Beagle’s diet because fats are the most highly concentrated source of energy for dogs. Like protein, fat needs to be from a good source. Look for named fat sources like chicken fat. When you're looking for the best dog food for beagles remember that fat such as fish oil can provide omega-3 fatty acid and nutrients that keep your dog's skin and coat healthy.

Small-breeds usually have very fast metabolisms so they need to have a commercial dog food diet that's calorie-dense so that their energy needs can be met.

In addition, the Beagle also needs a healthy blend of nutrients – this includes protein, carbohydrates and fat as well as water, vitamins, and minerals.

Beagles find it easy to pile on the pounds. As a result of this, you usually want to avoid simple carbohydrates. Rather, go for a few sources of beneficial, slow-burning carbohydrates, like brown rice or sweet potatoes.

Finally, you should make sure that the food you choose will provide good nutritional balance with added healthy supplements.

So far we have dealt with those ingredients that are in your dog's food, make sure that low-quality ingredients are NOT being used. Avoid products made with, wheat, corn and soy ingredients and food made flavoring and preservatives.

My Recommended Dog Food For Beagle Puppies?

Your new addition has a hectic life just being a puppy, and that’s not even taking into account all the growing he has to do.

To make sure he gets a healthy start I recommend feeding a youngster a life stage food formulated to provide the right balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals that will supply the building blocks for sturdy muscles and bones, and healthy organ functionality.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small-Breed Puppy

This small-breed puppy formula has protein-rich deboned chicken supplemented with various other sources of protein such as eggs, chicken meal, and fish meal. The formula also has chicken fat and fish oil.

The inclusion of Blue Buffalo’s LifeSource bits which has a wonderful mixture of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for complete balanced nutrition makes this dog food exceptional.

This small-breed puppy recipe will provide for your Beagle puppy’s nutritional needs while helping to strengthen his immune system and digestive system.That's why I recommend this puppy brand as the best dog food for beagles.

And, it's completely free from wheat, and soy ingredients not to mention artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Nutro Small-Breed Puppy Chicken, Whole Brown Rice & Oatmeal Recipe

This recipe has fresh chicken and chicken meal as the primary ingredients. It's supplemented with digestible carbohydrates like whole brown rice and whole grain oatmeal. Fortified with plenty of vitamins and minerals, not to mention a balance of omega fatty acids, this product is a great choice for your Beagle puppy.

It has 28% crude protein and 18% crude fat, plus minerals which have been chemically bound to protein molecules which make them easier for your puppy’s body to digest and absorb. Amazon

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Recommended Dog Food For Adult Beagles

Taste Of The Wild Dry Formula

Taste of the Wild is the best-selling dog food online with a reputation for quality that's second to none.The brand is highly rated by specialist sites that access dog food quality and by the pet owners of dogs fed the diet.

Taste of the Wild Dry Formula lists buffalo meat as the major ingredient. This is an ideal food for beagles because your dog is getting real meat as the main ingredient, instead of scraps or meat meal.

The carbohydrates are from tasteful healthy sources like peas and sweet potatoes.
This premier dry food for beagles is also rich in natural source antioxidants. It will make sure your dog develops a sound immune system to defend his health.

Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Stream kibble offering is made in the United States and is grain-free.

It's great for dogs with skin allergies or sensitive stomachs since it removes a lot of the conventional ingredients that result in itching and bloat

It's quality dog food that gives you value for your money. That's why I recommend this brand as the best dog food for Beagles.

Wells Earthborn Holistic Small Breed Natural Dog Food

"The Earthborn Holistic pet food company provides dogs with fresh, wholesome nutrition. Their formulas are made from top-quality ingredients including digestible proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats to make sure there's a well-balanced nutrition." Amazon

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Top Selling Amazon Brand

Highly Recommended Premium Brand

Recommended Dog Food For Older Dogs

Canidae Life Stages

Canidae life stages is the best food for beagles aged eight years or older. This dog food has an adjustment in protein levels, so as not to overburden your older dog's kidneys. This is the best dog food for beagle dogs that need extra help with their joints. It's tops for dogs you want to stay slim and trim. It’s formulated to work for any life-stage and I rate it the best as an option for older dogs.

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I would really love to hear which brand(s) have or haven’t been working for you. Please use the comment box and post your vote for the best dog food for beagles.

“I don't eat anything that a dog won't eat. Like sushi. Ever see a dog eat sushi? He just sniffs it and says, "I don't think so." And this is an animal that licks between its legs and sniffs fire hydrants.” Billiam Coronel, Comedian

God Bless

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