Revealed: Awesome Dog Toys For Beagle Puppies

Four Pence And Biscuit rule the roost in our family. We could not be more pleased. We make sure they feel really special by making sure they get the most awesome dog toys for Beagle puppies.The whole family get a kick out of watching them out on the deck showing off. Quick Navigation Awesome Dog […]

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Help! My Beagle Rescue Won’t Settle Into Her New Home

Beagle rescue won't settle in

Hello, everyone. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this.’ Help! My Beagle rescue won’t settle in her new home’. The first 6-8 weeks after bringing  a Beagle rescue home from a shelter can be quite stressful for everyone involved. Picture the dog’s life at the shelter. Living days, weeks, months in a cage. She may […]

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Beagle Proof Your Vehicle And Save Yourself A Lot Of Work

beagle proof your vehicle

Hi, everyone. Today I am going to tell you how to Beagle proof your vehicle and save yourself a lot of work. Taking your Beagle for a ride is fun for both of you. Most dogs love the car, and it’s nice to have some company when you’re out on the road. The problem is that […]

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Understand Why Your Beagle’s Digging – How To Stop It

understand why your Beagle's digging

Hello, Everyone. Today I want to help you understand why your Beagle’s digging and how to stop it. My Beagle didn’t dig until the kids began digging in the garden to make mud pies. Then, Four Pence decided to help them. After that, the dog was hooked. I know It can be infuriating when you look out […]

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Why Is My Beagle Dragging His Butt Across The Floor?

neagle dragging his butt across the floor

Hi, thanks for visiting the blog today. You may find the sight of your Beagle dragging his butt across the floor funny, or cringe-worthy ( if your dog happens to perform this socially unacceptable behavior in front of your dinner guests.) While your first instinct may be to admonish your puppy, there are good reasons for […]

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My Beagle Keeps Shaking His Head- What Does This Mean?

beagle keeps shaking his head

Hi, Welcome. When your Beagle keeps shaking his head, pawing or rubbing his ears on the furniture or scratching the areas around the ear itself, this is a sure sign that there’s an infection. You may notice a yellow, brown, or bloody discharge and an abnormal odor coming from the ear channel. There may be swelling, […]

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Help, My Beagle’s Shadow Chasing Has Become An Irritating Habit

beagle's shadow chasing

Beagles Chasing His TailWelcome and thanks for visiting.Let’s look at how you can help overcome your Beagle’s Shadow Chasing Habit. If you’ve had a dog that chases his tail, you will know have noticed that he goes in circles for quite a while until he realizes it’s impossible for him to actually reach his tail. In the […]

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How To Survive An Adolescent Beagle Puppy

How To Survive An Adolescent Beagle Puppy

Thank you for visiting. It’s been great to get your comments. Today we are going to look at how you can survive an adolescent Beagle puppy.You’re six months in and, just when you thought that your new little associate was comfortably settled and had stopped chewing everything in sight, you begin to notice some rather […]

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5 Techniques That Will Help You Get Your Beagle To Listen

get your Beagle to listen

Hello, everyone thanks for visiting today. Let’s take a look at five techniques you can use to get your Beagle to listen. Beagles are inquisitive dogs and they have a reputation for ignoring cues. Once described as “a nose with feet,” the Beagle is a dedicated sniffer. Combine that amazing sense of smell with his desire to […]

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Help My Beagles Pulling On His Leash- How Can I Get Him To Stop?

Beagles pulling on his leash

Hi, Thanks for visiting the blog today! Lets look at what you can do when your Beagles pulling on his leash. I’m fairly certain you pictured pleasant strolls with your Beagle walking happily at your side.. never barking at passing strangers or other dogs, turning when you turn and stopping when you stop. Then you woke up […]

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How To Get A Beagle To Stop Destructive Chewing

Hello, Everyone.Thanks for visiting today. Let’s take a look at how you can get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing. It’s normal behavior for a beagle puppy to investigate his environment by smell, sight, sound, and taste. Puppies and adolescent dogs that chew are probably investigating and playing. When your beagle puppy is about 2 months old […]

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7 Sure Ways To Help A Beagle Overcome Separation Anxiety

help a Beagle overcome separation anxiety

Hello, thanks for visiting. Let’s take a look at how to help a Beagle overcome separation anxiety. Whether you work or just need to leave the house to run errands or take the kids to school, there will be times when you have to leave your Beagle at home on his own. A Beagle suffering from separation […]

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