The Complete Guide To Choosing A Dog Bed For Your Beagle


Choosing a dog bed for your Beagle could be as easy or as difficult as you see fit to make it. More times than not, it is going to be your Beagle that will make that decision for you.

choosin a dog bed for your beagle

When new pet parents ask me what they need to buy for their dog, a quality dog bed is most often at the very top the list. Dog beds are especially important; in fact, I believe they are essential for all dogs no matter the breed.

If you've come face to face with this predicament, you will know how irritating it can be!

 You go out and uncover the ideal dog bed for your Beagle only to discover that your dog doesn't like it or refuses to use it. 

The Perfect Dog Bed?

The perfect dog bed should be one that matches the size of your dog and suits the dog's individual way of sleeping. Perhaps he likes to sprawl, or curl into a ball and go to sleep? Maybe he prefers to snuggle under pillows or blankets? Make note of your dog’s preferred way of sleeping, and how a particular style of bed could best complement it.

Choosing a dog bed for your Beagle is not as simple as searching the internet and selecting the first “cute bed” you see. There are thousands to choose from!

How To Choose A Dog Bed For Your Beagle

Whether a dog likes to sleep stretched out, sleep in his dog crate, cuddle up or lounge about outdoors, there's a dog bed that will let him sleep in blissful comfort.

But First Here' s What My Dogs Have

Here’s a run down on the different beds available, and the benefits they offer to your dog


A lounger dog bed has deep bolstered sides. Some dogs like the added security that a bolsters bed provides.


Beagles that curl up when they sleep prefer a round or oval dog bed. These are available with and without bolsters.


This is the most simple style. Basically just a large pillow.Pillow dog beds are great for dogs that like to sprawl out. Choose one that is soft, but firm enough to support the dog's weight.


Dogs that like to snuggle will be most comfortable in a nester type dog bed. Often known as "do-nut" or "bagel" dog bed,a nest dog bed can be round or oval-shaped, with padded bottoms and raised sides.

If your Beagle has an anxious disposition, the raised walls of this style make it an excellent choice. These beds also retain heat well, so this is a wonderful option if your dog feels the cold


Dog beds made with memory foam conform to your dog's body and will provide relief for stiff joints. These orthopedic dog beds are the top choice for senior Beagles suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. A therapeutic bed provides added support and cushioning,that helps relieve painful pressure points.

Choosing A Dog Bed For Your Beagle – Features To look For

The dog bed you choose should be washable. Look for beds made from quality materials, as they offer better support and are more durable. Dog beds collect soil, hair, and dander, and need to be washed quite often. A washable cover takes the hassle out of keeping it clean.

Finding the Right Size

When choosing a dog bed for your Beagle it's important to select the correct size for.

Most dog beds show size and weight recommendations The measurements below offer a general idea of the size for Beagles.

Beagle Bed Sizes

Medium breed 25 to 45 pounds. Oval Beds 21 inches by 36 inches” Rectangular Beds inches by 36 inches. Round Beds 25 inches diameter.

Choosing the proper dog bed will keep your Beagle happy and healthy for years to come—and I guess that will let you sleep well at night.


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