How To Control Aggressive Beagle Behavior

Aggressive Beagle behavior

Hi all, thanks for all those comments I love getting your opinion. Aggressive Beagle behavior may include growling and sometimes biting her owner to put him in his place.

The chest, head and tail go up as they try to get other dogs to back down.That’s when all the trouble starts.

You are out walking with your rather aggressive Beagle dog, blissfully on your way down the road. Your heart suddenly skips a beat because a strange dog is coming towards you? This can only have one outcome.

Your fabulous but very aggressive dog is going leave his mark on this poor guys pet.

You Know You're In Trouble

There's no way out!

Before you can say Jack Robinson your dogs pulling like mad and the hair on her back is beginning to rise. You’ve made every effort to prepare yourself to control this dominant Beagle behavior.

You’ve tried yanking on her leash and a variety of collars. Now you try to distract your dog with treats. So far nothing has helped.

Now you have to find a way to keep them apart any way you can. You’ve already begun to expect the worst.

Dealing With Aggressive Beagle Behavior

Here's something most dog owners don’t really understand. When you give completely wrong messages at home the aggressive beagle behavior may be too entrenched to turn around when another guy and his dog are approaching.

These are the facts…

A dog is a very simple animal but they simply have no interest in a bigger television set, a brand new car or their next vacation.

Dogs are about survival of the fittest.They are bred to defend their territory and their pack. They are happy living in a pack. What they understand is that there is a leader and a follower.

The Leaders Job

The leader’s job is to figure what’s threatening and act to protect the rest of the pack. So guess what will happen if your dog thinks that she is the leader of the and an unknown dog is approaching?

The real problem was letting the dog think that she was in charge in the first place. If left to find his own way, a dog will do his best to make himself as the boss.

Naturally not all dogs behave in the same way. Some more aggressive than others, and others prefer to be more submissive.Enter your text here...

This Is The Secret To Training An Unruly Dog

Aggressive Beagle behavior

You will need to be the leader of the pack. As soon as you get this right all the other training begins to kick in. A gentle tug on the lead, a dog treat and some gentle words of warning.

The dog has not forgotten all the training that you’ve done. What’s missing is a solid foundation.Your dog will not take any notice of you when another dog is on the horizon.

He has more serious things on his mind. He's protecting his pack member (you). This dog needs to see you as leader of the pack.

1.0 Using Treats

Don‘t reward your dog if she lunges at the other dog. Only do this to distract your dominant dog. Use food like cheese or a piece of chicken . Not their normal dog biscuit!

2.0 Don’t Expect Changes Too Soon

You have to be the pack leader. Pressurizing your dog will result in it all going wrong, going more slowly builds her self-confidence.

3.0 Make Sure Your Dog’s Happy With Her Leash

Use a harness and a a flat collar if you need one.

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4.0 Keep Your Focus

Try not to get sucked in. You need to show her precisely how you would like her to react.

5.0 Be Prepared To Get Involved

Guide the dog away or give a gentle tug on the lease. As soon as you’ve done this be sure to relax.

This method to control aggressive beagle behavior takes into account your dogs natural instincts and that’s why I love it.

One Last Thing

Bear in mind that attempting to handle the problem of aggressive Beagle behavior when you see the other dog getting close is going to be too late.

It’s all about working out the real reason for the problem.

Your dog is just waiting for you to give her the correct message.

God Bless

Richie S.

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