Do Beagles Understand Discipline Or Will They Ignore It?

do Beagles understand discipline

Do Beagles Understand Discipline 

Do beagles understand discipline? Hi everybody do Beagles understand discipline or will they simply ignore it? I bet you’ve heard a conversation that goes something like this;

“Does that mean that dog discipline actually leads to dogs being naughty .”

“Dead right.”

“Don’t be daft dogs are naughty because there not disciplined!!”

“Oh, then that would mean that dogs that have been to obedience training will never bite the wrong people. “They wont, run off down the road when a gate opens.” “They won't bark for no reason or pull on their lead.” “They will always come when you call them.”

How Come The Problems Persist ?

As awesome and valuable as motivational training is it’s not without problems.

It’s not a piece of cake to always only reward good behavior and disregard bad behavior. Overlooking all bad behavior calls for a considerable amount of time and perseverance.

A Behavior therapists gets called in to help correct the behavior of many thousands of dogs. Guess what – most of these dogs have had dog discipline before the therapist had to be called in.

This suggests that families who adore, discipline and train their dogs still have unruly behavior problems.

do Beagles understand discipline

1.0 Dog Discipline Presumes They Understand Us

Do Beagles understand discipline? Well it’s a Beagles nature to want to please her pack leader. So why then are so many dogs being “naughty”?

Because they don’t have any idea what we may be saying when we say. “Stop it” or “Don’t do that” “Leave.” Dogs are animals they don’t speak our language. They have to learn.

2.0 You should be taking into consideration Basic Conditioning 

When a Beagles senses are bombarded with commands his adrenaline level rises. You just can not make your dog peaceful by stimulating him with verbal outbursts and sharp movements.It really teaches them nothing at all.

Wherever I go I see far too much human response. These normally include commands, discipline, focus, touching and stroking. All this is confusing and stimulating to dogs.

3.0 Disciplining Dogs Is Negative Reinforcement

Disciplining a Beagle is like giving a kid candies and potato chips to keep him quite. Yelling at the dog may stop him in the short-term. The problem is that but by disciplining your dog you are giving him your undivided attention. This reinforces his negative conduct.

4.0 Discipline Teaches Them What Not To Do

Dog discipline results in the dog jumping from one negative pastime to another. This is not because he is disobedient. He honestly does not know what he must do. In short the dog goes on a ‘command spree.

5.0 You Will Be Setting The Dog An Example Of Aggressive behavior

Is subjecting a dog to anger going to show him how to be calm? Beagles learn by example. We set her a pattern of hostility and they throw it right back at us.

He is most impressed with our display of hostility. Now the dog looks for someone smaller than himself. He will now practice the skills that we have so skillfully and successfully taught him on another smaller dog.

6.0 Its important to Address The Root Causes Of Bad Conduct

If the cause of the dogs behavior is stress or confusion, discipline will not remove the causes of these problems.

A dog may be barking because he’s hungry. Punishing him by throwing something at him will not relieve the hunger.

7.0 This May Create Dependence

If a Beagle is sensitive discipline may take away his capacity to act on their own initiative. It impedes emotional and psychological growth. You may be breaking the dogs spirit or stifling his initiative.

8.0 Dog Discipline Harms The Dogs Self Image 

Constantly being criticized and broken down destroys your Beagles self-image. It does not develop character potential. We would rather develop and build up what’s already there than impose our will on the dog.


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