Common Health Problems With Beagles – Symptoms

health problems with Beagles

Hi, Beagle lovers... Some owners have health problems with Beagles from the outset and these continue throughout their dog's life. We are going to take a look at some of the symptoms today.

Luckily most Beagles are healthy dogs.

Most conditions can be treated successfully by recognizing health problems with Beagles and getting right treatment

I will try not to get too technical because I realize that being able to spot a problem may save your dog's life.

Common Health Problems With Beagles

 health problems with Beagles


Beagles love to eat and Beagles hate to exercise. The Beagle will run around a little here and there but is not a dog breed that will run for hours on end. Beagles are also famous for their wish to eat anything within their reach.

This leads to one of the primary health problems with Beagles and that is obesity. You need to keep a close eye on your beagle's diet or things can get out of control rather quickly. Obesity in Beagles can cause a myriad of health ailments so if you notice that your dog is getting chubby avoid feeding any type of table scraps.

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"If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise"
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Ear Infections

Your Beagles long, pendulum shaped ears are the perfect breeding ground for infection usually caused by ear mites.

A sure sign of your dog developing an outer ear infection is constant head shaking. The dog walks with his head tilted, and you will notice a bad odor coming from the ears. Act quickly to prevent this condition from worsening into a middle ear infection or even inner ear infection, which can cause irreparable damage to the dog's hearing.

Check your Beagles ears once a week so that they stay clean and free from infection.


Your dog's eye pressure is maintained when aqueous humor production and fluid drainage through tiny ports, called "drainage angles", is well-balanced.

In glaucoma, this process becomes out of balance.The drainage angles become clogged but the eye keeps producing fluid, increasing pressure in the eye.

As a result, the eye stretches and becomes larger.This eye pressure could result in irreversible damage if not noticed and treated in time.

In chronic cases, total blindness could happen in 24 hours! In milder cases, blindness can still happen over time.

 health problems with Beagles

Cherry Eye

In the corner of each eye, dogs have a "third eyelid" containing a tear gland that helps with the production of tears. You will not be able to see this gland.

Canine cherry eye is health problems with beagles where the gland pops out and becomes dislocated resulting in sudden exposure to the air and airborne irritants that can cause it to become red, swollen, and infected.

Cherry eye is treated by surgically re-positioning of the gland. Complete removal is not advisable because the gland produces about 30 percent of the watery part of tears. Removal will cause dry eye.

Epilepsy ( Seizures )

Seizures are scary however very often when the underlying cause has been addressed and dealt with, the seizures will stop.

Full On Seizures

  • Tonic phase: your beagle loses consciousness and collapses with rigid extended legs. This will last for a few seconds.
  • Chronic phase: starts with a paddling motion, often accompanied by drooling, chomping, or chewing.

When your wakes up he or she might be disoriented stumbling into walls or walking into things.

Partial Seizure

  • Simple Partial Seizure: affects movement.One side of the dog's face is affected, resulting in twitching or blinking.
  • Complex Partial Seizures: affects behavior. Your dog may display abnormal behavior, like sudden aggressive behavior, or unexplained fear.

As with all dogs, yours could be predisposed to certain Beagles health issues. That does not mean every Beagle will get sick. If you notice any of these symptoms, call your Vet straight away.

God Bless

Richard S.

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