Help! My Beagle Is Afraid Of Strangers

Beagle is afraid of strangers

Hi All. If your Beagle is afraid of strangers, then you need to find a way to address the behavior.

If your dog is sneaking around, and you notice that his ears are suddenly going out to the sides or back and his tail is down between his legs.

Or your dog could be licking his lips, yawning or panting heavily to cool off. Perhaps he's tense, cowering and wearing a worried look.These are signs that your Beagle is afraid of strangers

If your Beagle is afraid of strangers he may run away or hide behind you for safety.

A Beagle who feels trapped may lash out by biting and growling, at the people he feels have him boxed in. If the people back away, the dog will learn that this kind of behavior is effective and a new habit of fear aggression may be formed. 

Beagle is afraid of strangers

Why Are Dogs Afraid Of Strangers?

Failure of the dogs owner to socialize a puppy is the main reason so many dogs are afraid of strangers.

A puppy who has had the opportunity to meet and greet all types of people in different types of environments understands that people are usually friendly.

Puppies, like children, form memories and associations at a young age. If they learn to trust and interact with different people, they will be comfortable with humans later on in life.

On the other hand, isolated puppies that have little interaction with people or other dogs tend to become over-attached to one person, the owner.

These dogs can end up being fearful when visitors are around.

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Help! My Beagle Is Afraid Of Strangers

How To Help Your Beagle Get Over His Fear Of Strangers

Beagle is afraid of strangers

1.0 Create A Calm Environment

One thing you shouldn't do is take your dog into a crowded place where he may feel overwhelmed. In an environment, you can’t control, keep your dog on a leash.

Speak in a calm voice with slow movements and reassuring words.

Discourage strangers from approaching your dog, because an introduction in an uncontrolled environment is likely to make the dog more anxious and delay any progress he may have been making.

2.0 Don't Force Things On Your Dog

Never force your Beagle to accept handling from a stranger. Forcing a shy, scared dog to interact with people he doesn't know will not help you reach your goal.

Dogs who are afraid of strangers often experienced abuse in the past which explains his behavior.

If your Beagle is afraid of strangers then being forced to be around people they don't trust can be very tough for them.

Forcing a dog to face his fears usually results in worsening his fear. Let him deal with his fear on his own terms.

3.0 Help Him Build His Confidence

When your dog starts interacting or associating with new people, let him know that its good behavior and 'shower him with treats. Let him see you're proud through affection and soothing words. Before you know it, he'll be wagging his tail with all your visitors!

4.0 Make Slow Introductions

Your Beagle needs to know that this new person you're introducing him to is someone safe to be around. If your Beagle is afraid of people, it may help to put him in his crate.

Let the person stand next to the crate so the dog can sniff the person out at his leisure.

Allow the dog out when he's ready, but ask your visitor to completely ignore the dog. Your visitor should not attempt to pet or make eye contact.

 This may seem strange, but your dog will slowly begin to understand that strangers pose no threat and will not even bother him unless he wants to meet and greet.

5.0 Introduce One Person At A Time

If you want your Beagle to start feeling comfortable around new people, approach the problem slowly. 
If your Beagle is afraid of strangers introduce one person at a time starting with a family member or a close friend.

6.0 Teach Your Visitors How to Approach Your Dog

Instruct your visitors how to behave around your dog. Ask them to avoid making eye contact or sudden moves. Strangers should act disinterested in your dog. This allows him to approach on his own terms.

Give your visitors a tidbit to drop for him. He will gradually learn that strangers are not all that scary and there are benefits to having them around: lots of tasty treats! 

Some dogs quickly make friends with strangers and allow close hugs and petting while others may take several visits to accept new people. Always ask your guests to ignore your dog until he dog initiates contact.

7.0 Create a Safe Zone

Provide a place where your dog will feel complete safety. You may choose a dog’s crate, bed, or a specific chair just for him. 
If your Beagle is afraid of strangers and becomes uncomfortable, allow him to escape.

Make sure that everyone knows that he is to be left alone when he is in this space. If your dog happens to have a history of abuse, he could be responding to something from his memory. Keep your visitors safe, but reassure the dog and allow him to be social in his own time.

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8.0 Work On Obedience Training 

Obedience training is a quick easy way to distract your dog from his immediate fear. Give a command. If he looks startled, get him to SIT. Giving him something to do reminds him that he still has your attention and protection when visitors are around. 

9.0 Avoid Tricks

Putting your dog under the pressure of performing while he's feeling anxious, isn’t fair, and may lead to a very confused and unhappy dog. If you've trained your dog to perform tricks, do not ask him to show off in front of new people.

10.0 Keep Children Safe

Never let unfamiliar children near a dog who is unused to having strangers around. Your Beagles anxiety could just get the better of him, even if the kids are well behaved and friendly.

If you are having a party and think that your dog is likely to become excessively anxious, consider using a muzzle for their safety.

11.0 Become The Alpha Dog

You must become the pack leader or alpha dog so that he can relax knowing he's safe under your care.
Establish your dominance through obedience training and walks. A fearful dog needs a calm, assertive leader. 

Dogs are very good at reading body language so these things may act as a signal to your dog that someone scary is about to arrive. Try to remain relaxed, friendly, and upbeat when you and your dog meet new people. 

To your dog, affection is a reward. When you comfort a fearful dog, you are rewarding what he's doing at that moment: being afraid. Your beagle thinks, “I’m terrified out of my wits and it’s getting me a reward. My humans want me to feel this way.”

12.0 No Punishment

Socialization continues throughout the dog's life; the learning never ends. If your Beagle is afraid of strangers, it's usually a sign of low confidence.

Teaching him to remain calm around other dogs and people will actually improve his state of mind, and you will have a happier, stable pet that can accompany you anywhere you need to go! Do not punish him for being frightened. You will only increase his anxiety.

Eventually, you will begin to see your dog relax in different environments and situations as he learns that you will keep him safe. 

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