Help My Beagles Pulling On His Leash- How Can I Get Him To Stop?

Beagles pulling on his leash

Hi, Thanks for visiting the blog today! Lets look at what you can do when your Beagles pulling on his leash.

I'm fairly certain you pictured pleasant strolls with your Beagle walking happily at your side.. never barking at passing strangers or other dogs, turning when you turn and stopping when you stop.

Then you woke up and your coffee was cold!

Beagles are excitable curious dogs! You're no sooner outside and obedience training goes right out the window. Your dog is pulling you along as if his very life depended on it.

He's dragging you in whatever direction he wants to go. You find yourself being tied around trees and pulled under park benches.

Your Beagles pulling on his leash., and wheezing, coughing, choking and gasping like he just got strangled.

It's pathetic but trust me you're not being singled out!

Just about every Beagle parent has discovered that these dogs can be extremely willful and are surprisingly strong when they want to follow their nose.

And if you decide to let your dog off the leash to give your aching arms a rest, or out of fear he's going to hurt himself that’s your dog's ultimate reward.

Now he knows that pulling on the lead pays off. He's off to the races every chance he gets.

The good news is that you don't have to suffer through this. These dogs just need to be taught how to walk on a leash in the right way without pain or discomfort before your daily walks can become more enjoyable.

Why Your Beagles Pulling On His Leash

If your Beagle's pulling on his leash it's not because he wants to be the alpha or to exert some kind of dominance. He just loves to be outside, and your walk is an exciting stimulating part of his day. The desire to run and investigate his environment is very strong.

On top of that your dog’s natural walking pace is a lot faster than yours.

Your dog is probably over excited (after a boring day of hanging around doing nothing) and he's overly excited to go out on the leash, which leads to pulling or ignoring cues.

Some dogs don't easily adjust to being restrained, but, and when a dog pulls or won't move there are several training techniques you can use to help correct his behavior.

10 Rules To Apply When Your Beagles Pulling On His Leash

Pulling Will Must No Be Allowed To Get Your Dog Where He Wants To Go – Ever

As long as your dog’s getting to where he wants to go, he will see no reason to stop pulling, because there’s no immediate downside.

Choose A Short Route And Walk It Repeatedly

A familiar walk is a lot less stimulating and your dog will be less distracted when he's exposed to familiar sights sounds and smells.

Use Rewards

Reward your dog every 5-6 steps at the start then gradually space them out over larger distances.

Frequent rewards will help your dog understand what behavior you want and will make the learning process easier for him.

Make Sure Your Beagles Not Rewarded For Pulling

If he pulls on the leash and gets what he wants he will continue to do it and it will get worse.

Keep His Attention Focused On You During Your Walks

Beagles love to greet other dogs and chase small animals. This normally leads to you being pulled in whatever direction your Beagle wants to go. Make sure he's looking at you when you say his name and offering eye contact before giving any cue.

Shorten The Leash

A shorter leash gives you firmer control and your dog will not be so easily distracted. Getting your dog used to his leash forms an important part of dog/owner communication, and a shorter leash will keep you in better control of your dog.

Pick Up Your Pace

A Beagle is easily distracted on a walk, a brisker pace can reduce unwanted behavior by giving him less time to notice new things that could lead to pulling a quick walk is better exercise than a slow stroll.

Walk Him More Often

Leash training is more effective if it's repeated and refreshed.

Have An Exercise Session Or A Game Of Tug Before Your Walk

A tired dog is a good dog! If he's already tired he will be less determined to to pull you around the neighborhood.

Choose The Correct leash

If your dog Beagles pulling on his leash an, anti-pull harnesses can be a lifesaver. A no-pull harness can be very helpful during training. It makes a dog easier to control and discourages pulling almost entirely it's their own. Used in conjunction with training techniques they can help manage your dog’s pulling behavior.

In fact, some dog parents don't just use these harnesses for leash training. They use them for every single walk for the entire life of their dog. That’s okay!

I prefer these when compared to the traditional pinch collars that some trainers recommend. Dogs walked on prongs are subjected to pain and discomfort, and I believe that any device that constricts a dogs breathing, is dangerous and has the potential to do some real damage.

If your Beagles pulling on his leash. And you do decide to use a pinch collar be sure to get a professional to teach you how to use it properly.

3 Proven Training Techniques To stop A Beagle Pulling on his leash

Stop & Go​​​​

This is a very simple technique and you're working with a puppy that has been taught to COME! and to SIT, even when there are distractions, this may work best for you.

When your Beagle puppy starts to pull, plant your feet and don't let him go on.

Ask your puppy to COME! and then tell him SIT.

As soon as he obeys your cue tell him GOOD! and then give a treat.

When the leash is nicely relaxed, tell your dog LETS GO! And resume your walk.

If your dog trots along next to you, repeat your praise word GOOD! and pop a treat in his mouth.

Repeat this technique whenever he starts to veer off or get ahead and start pulling.

Once your puppy learns that walking calmly next to you is a fun, experience and theirs rewards he’ll spend less time trying to run ahead and stay at your side.

Video Tips to stop your Beagle pulling on his leash

follow me

Hold the leash and back off a few steps away from your dog.

Your dog is likely to turn and follow you. Tell him GOOD! And pop a treat in his mouth.

This teaches your dog to focus and move with you. Now start backing off in another direction. As your dog approaches SAY GOOD! and give him another treat.

Repeat this exercise, until your dog is actively pursuing you when you move away.

Now tell your dog LETS GO!

If your dog starts to veer away or move ahead of you start the follow me exercise again.

Now get your dog to SIT. Give him a treat for sitting. Wait until he is calm then tell him LETS GO!

If your dog goes back to walking along beside you, tell him GOOD! and pop a treat in his mouth.

Reward your dog every 5-6 steps at the start then gradually space them out over larger distances.

As soon as your dogs learnt to heel and pay attention, youre ready to try walking him on a loose leash and eventually without a leash.

Start with him on his leash so he's heeling nicely. Now stop remove his leash and continue walking. Keep a brisk pace. If he stops to sniff, tell him COME! and keep on walking. Walk him off leash for just a few minutes then put him back on the leash.Gradually lengthen the tome off the leash.

Beagles pulling on his leash

The Sudden Turn

This training technique should only be used if your dog is on a standard 4 to 6 ft leash.

The idea is to surprise your dog when he reaches the end of the leash. Begin with a verbal warning EASY! Or WAIT FOR IT when he's about to run out of slack.

As he reaches the end of the leash tell him LETS GO!give a slight tug on the leash change direction and walk the other way.

Keep walking in the opposite direction, until your dog catches up to you. As soon as he's back give another tug and go back to your original walking direction.

Do this as many times as it takes to get him to walk beside you.

This method teaches your dog that walking too far ahead and pulling has unpleasant consequences, and diverts the walk away from where they want to go.

If you are having difficulty and your Beagles pulling on his leash I would love to help.Please leave your story in the comment box below this post

God Bless

Richard S.

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