How To Get A Beagle To Stop Destructive Chewing

get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing

Hello, Everyone.Thanks for visiting today. Let's take a look at how you can get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing.

It's normal behavior for a beagle puppy to investigate his environment by smell, sight, sound, and taste. Puppies and adolescent dogs that chew are probably investigating and playing.

When your beagle puppy is about 2 months old his milk (puppy) teeth will be showing in and around 5 months these will begin to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. 

A Puppy will chew to relieve tenderness around the gums and teeth. 

Am I suggesting you should let your Beagles munch on anything he likes? Absolutely not.

Establish the house rules

To get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing a responsible owner will need to establish house rules for his dog to follow. Make it clear what he can and can’t chew on. If not corrected this early chewing can become a long-standing problem. 

If your dog is chewing your trainers, sofa pillows, furniture, or other household items its usually a sign that he is bored, lonely or suffering from some form of anxiety. 

It's a common misconception that buying some toys will can get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing.

Trust me it will not! 

Try to understand just why your dog is chewing so that you can devise a strategy to curb his delinquent behavior. 

It's possible to get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing with proper training, exercise, and redirection techniques.

get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing

Why Is Your Dog Chewing Everything In Sight?


A lonely dog that's left on his own while you are at work with nothing to do may start to chew things around the house.

Anxiety, Tension Or Comfort

Chewing helps relieve a dog of tension or anxiety. Some dogs carry items in their mouth to help comfort them.

A dog that's confined to a crate or the backyard may start chewing in an attempt to ease his anxiety. Chewing on something keeps his mind busy giving him something else to focus on his other worry or concerns.

Your dog may be experiencing some level of emotional conflict, heightened arousal, or stress. For him, the only way out may seem to be destructive behavior. 

Smells Good, Feels Good, Tastes Good

The smells your dog finds most attractive are the human ones. Beagles are hunting dogs and he's going to love the taste of your leather sneakers. To get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing you have to teach him to ditch those smelly shoes in favor of the sterile plastic chew toy. 

Your dogs may chew because they get attention (even if it's negative) or treats from you every time they chew. When dogs play they often bite or carry objects. If you shush them and give them cookies every time they play you will be inadvertently rewarding and encouraging the chewing. 

Beagles  Chewing Just For Fun Of It

Finding out how long it's going to take him destroy something is a lovely game.

Even a super well-adjusted dog can find it hard to resist certain things left around the house, especially favorite items, like your bedroom slippers.

It's a misconception to believe that your dog understands the consequences of his past actions.

Chewing often occurs when you are out of the house. In this case, admonishing your dog is completely ineffective. Dogs live in the moment. If you lose your temper and yell at him sometime after he's destroyed something, all he will learn is to be afraid of you.

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How To Get A Beagle To Stop Destructive Chewing

Getting A Full Medical Checkup

As with any other behavioral issue, take your dog for a full medical examination to rule out any medical causes that might be affecting his behavior.

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Dogs often get into trouble when they are allowed free rein to roam around in an unsupervised house. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing. if the pattern is already established. A taste deterrent such as bitter apple can be sprayed onto an object, to deter the determined chewer.

A Scat Mat is a useful tool to stop counter surfing dogs. 

I never crate my dog when you have to leave the house to go to work, take the kids to school or go out shopping. 

Baby gates come in handy and helped me to create a dog-proof room in our house. That way I am able to make sure the area where my dog is confined is free of whatever objects he is not allowed to chew. The only chews available will be those I have bought for him.

When I leave the house, I put the dog in that room with a couple of chewies and I go. No long, kissy goodbyes, just a cheery “see you later” that’s all.

If you have a puppy and you are busy with chores and unable to supervise I suggest putting him in a decent size playpen with his bed and a few chew toys.

Spending Time Exercising With Your Dog

Exercise your dog every day so he doesn't become bored. It will balance his metabolism and keep his energy at normal levels. Boredom and high energy levels are some of the most common reasons for destructive behavior.

Play with your dog! A tired dog is a happy dog and has less energy to indulge in destructive behavior. Include daily walks, tug and fetch games and off-leash play with other dogs.

Training Your Dog To Choose An Appropriate Chew

When you're at home and you catch your Beagle sinking his teeth into something he shouldn’t, correct him with a stern NO! and immediately give him an appropriate chew toy instead.

If he obeys and chews on the item praise him enthusiastically for his good behavior or give him a tasty dog treat.

Train your dog by leaving objects around while you are watching. Whenever your dog chooses an inappropriate item take it away and replace it with a dog chew. If he will not release the object, take it away while repeating your command. 

If your dog runs away refusing to release the item, do not chase after him. He will think that you've just joined the game. Call him back and repeat your sequence.

Eventually, your dog will learn which items are allowed and which are not. 

get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing

Recommended Chews For Beagle Puppies​​​​​​

You should buy chews your Beagle puppy can pick up chew and carry and they should have sufficient bulk not to be swallowed.


Nylabone Teething Keys are very popular for teething puppies because they’re made from a material that’s softer than the adult toys yet still hold up to hours of chewing. The raised bristles help clean your dog’s teeth preventing tartar buildup while bright colors and fun shapes keep a puppy intrigued.

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Benebone Flavored Wishbone

The wishbone design makes it easier for a puppy to hold while he chews. The Benebone comes in bacon and peanut butter flavors and can be chewed for quite a long period. The manufacturer uses 100% natural food ingredients for unbeatable flavor and scent. They fuse USA-sourced REAL CHICKEN right through the chew. Dogs can tell the difference.

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Kong Classic

This treats dispensing toy can be filled with peanut butter, and frozen to give your little guy hours of play.You get unpredictable bounce during games of fetch. Great for stuffing with KONG Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies. Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide

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Chilly Bone

This teething toy has a soothing effect on uncomfortable puppies! Its filled with a non-toxic gel that freezes super-fast when it’s placed in the freezer. It stays cold for 1 to 2 hours) so your pup has plenty of time to enjoy the calming coolness. After that you simply rinse the bone and put it back in the freezer for next time!

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West Paw Tux Toy

This teething toy has a pocket for dispensing treats, a tough chewing surface and an unusual shape that makes the bounce erratic when thrown. It will be gentle on your teething pup’s mouth and can be popped into the dishwasher after every chew session.

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Best Chews For Adult Beagles

Choosing the ideal dog toy is about finding something your dog likes that will stand up to rough play and some heavy chewing. Dog toys are not all created equal, and every dog has his own unique preferences. If you were to test all the dog toys on available in the market, it would take you ages. Fortunately, I've done the work for you to find the best adult dog toys out there.

Kong Air Fetch Stick With Rope Dog Toy

This amazing fetch stick squeaks and the attached rope allows you to reach quite a good height. The toy is covered with non-toxic tennis ball fabric that's will not hurt your dog's teeth, and the bright colors will keep him interested. Floats for water play.Not for chew sessions

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Chuckit Launcher

If you find that your arm gets tired when you're playing games of fetch, the Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher will be all you will need.The Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher is specially designed Chuckit balls and it will allows you to reach distances much further away than you could ever reach on your own.The claw grip that allows you to pick up slobbery balls without the use of your hands and with the 26-inch length, there's no need to bend.

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Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

This toy bounces, wobbles, and giggles and will keep your dog happily occupied for hours at a time.Fun for Dogs of All Ages. Can use inside or out. 6 clutch pockets for dogs to easily to pick it up. Tubes inside ball emits sounds and giggles when rolled or shaken

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3 Knot Tie

This 3 knot tie is constructed using 100 % natural cotton fibers that will keep your dog's teeth clean as he chews.Perfect for long games of tug-of-war. and its available in sizes from mini to super-large.Perfect for medium sized breeds.This toy is ideal for interactive playing and creating that positive play experience with your dog!

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One More Thing

I'd love to know more ideas you may have tried to get a Beagle to stop destructive chewing about them and the types of chew toys you’ve tried. Are there any other types of chews you’d like to suggest, or even words of caution? Let us know in the comments box below this post.

God Bless

Richard S.

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