How To Stop Beagles Running Off

stop beagles running off

Hello Everyone thanks for visiting the blog today we’re taking a look at how to stop beagles running off.

Anyone you know that keeps hunting dogs has more than one story about their Beagles running away, getting lost, or just in general being  missing in action.

Whether it is a pointer bird dog, a Beagle, cur dog, coon or fox hound, most hunting dogs, you see, are not wired like your average pet.

They Want to hunt!

The intense desire to hunt makes a dog desirable to us, the dog owners. The problem comes during the off-season, when the dog is left to lay about the pen or yard and hatch evil schemes of escape.

Squirrel Hell and Dog Heaven are the same place

Don’t tell me that dogs don’t do this, OK?

I have kept hunting dogs all my life and I have just about seen it all. I have spent hours, weeks and months driving country roads and byways, looking for a dog.

One of the things that has always amazed me is you can look for days for your dog, always fearing the worst. You are waiting, hoping and praying for the call that someone has found him. You come around a bend in the road and your dog is sitting there seemingly waiting for the 12 o’clock bus. He gives you a look that says, “What’s up?” Like you just saw him at McDonald’s that morning.

Beagles Are Escape Artists With No Conscience

stop beagles running off

I freely admit that my dogs are the worst (or best) when it comes to escaping. I am sure that I am well-known in my town for this. To many I am probably “that guy who is always looking for his dogs.”

Dogs care not a whit about this. They have no concept of how they embarrass you.

I once got a call, and I am not making this up, that my two dogs were in a nearby tavern, a bar. No, not waiting outside the building like polite little doggies.

They were in the bar mingling with the patrons. They’re probably bumming quarters for the juke box. Or buying a round for the house, assuring the bartender that I would take care of it all when I got there.

How You Can Stop Beagles Running Off

stop beagles running off

When Beagles smell something, they will often charge off to explore. They will completely ignore your frantic calls for them to come back. When they follow a scent they won’t watch out for cars or other dangers. So, how do you stop Beagles running off?

Most of the time when your Beagle takes off and doesn’t come back when he’s called its a clear sign that the “come” command needs more work.

If you have Beagles running off and out of sight, you may experience real anxiety. Nobody wants to lose their dog or see him in harm’s way.

Never Chase Your Beagle

This turns Beagles running off into a wonderful game of chase.

Instead make loud distracting noises and as soon as he turns around lies down. Most of the time the dog will come back to investigate. As soon as he does, praise him and give him a treat no matter how anxious and upset he has made you.

Of course passers-by will think that you are insane


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