Is It Okay To Keep A Beagle Outside Rather Than In The House?

 keep a Beagle outside

Hi, Everyone.Is it okay to keep a Beagle outside rather than in the house?

As a kid, our neighbor's Doberman lived his life outside on a chain. When they did let him out of his, backyard prison, he would lie up on their deck by the patio door, hoping for some attention.

This Doberman was a sad, lonely dog, that used to bark and whine day and night. When I think back to this situation I feel really sad.

I know it was wrong back then.

It's still believe it's wrong.

Most of us like to treat our dogs as members of the family. Our Beagles ride shotgun in our cars, share our living rooms, beds, and our hearts but in some homes, they are not treated as members of the family - they aren't even allowed inside the house!

Despite constant urging from animal welfare groups that dogs should live indoors with their families, there's a huge group of people in the US and around the world who believe a dog belongs outside.

So Sad

That's the reason thousands of dogs live their lives in backyards, sometimes on chains.

If a shelter does allow somebody to adopt knowing the dog will be kept outside, that shelter should not be out there. Thank goodness the good shelters or rescue groups never allow this.

My question is would you want to live outside on your own, subject to nature's elements? No! And neither does a dog!

A Beagle is meant to be a companion and should be brought indoors every night. Getting a Beagle to live outside consigns him to a lonely frustrated life.It's mean to keep a Beagle outside.

Please, if you're not willing to make your dog a part of your family, letting him inside and giving him the attention and love he deserves, do not get a dog.

 keep a Beagle outside

Beagles Are A Hunting Breed

If you want your Beagles to be happy it's important to understand what sort of outdoor elements the breed can safely endure.

There'' s no breed I know of that's able to live outdoors full-time - dogs have been domesticated, They are not wild, so they rely on humans for comfort and safety.

Using Beagles as hunting dogs was very popular in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This is still a sport today, though greatly diminished.

It's also true that hunting packs spent most of their days running across the fields chasing down, rabbit. When the chase was over the Beagle pack slept outside of the main house.

Those Beagles slept together as a pack outside in a roofed kennel or under a covered shelter.

 It's Not Okay To keep a Beagle outside rather than in the house

Beagles are not outside dogs in any way similar to Siberian or Arctic breeds that are able to endure extreme weather conditions. Its not okay to keep a Beagle outside especially in winter.

Today’s Beagle wants to be with his owner. His human family is his ‘pack’. There's nothing to compare with how this breed soaks up the love of his family. The home, his ‘den’ that holds his ‘pack’.

 keep a Beagle outside

Better Alternatives Than Having Your Beagle Living Outside

Perhaps you prefer to keep a Beagle outside because of the dog's behavior in the house.

When dogs get bored they get into trouble looking for ways to amuse themselves. Drudgery often leads to excessive barking, digging, chewing, and other naughty destructive behaviors.

Is your dog bored?

I suggest that you dismiss the idea of having your Beagle outside on his own and focus on fixing some of the issues you've seen when he's inside.

Here are a few things that can be done:

 keep a Beagle outside

1.0 Schedule daily Walks

Beagles are high energy dogs. They do best with at least 2 walks per day.

There's an old saying “a tired dog is a good dog.” Why? Because they're snoozing rather than deciding what part of the house to chew next.

2.0 Change up Your Walking Routine

Daily walks can get a little boring if you’re choosing the same route every day. Switch it up exploring new neighborhoods and changing your pace. Allowing your Beagle to smell their surroundings .. they learn a lot from all those interesting smells.

 keep a Beagle outside

3.0 Provide Outside Play

If you just let your Beagle outside by himself or with a pal with no stimulation, he’s not going to be very happy. Beagles love a game of fetch.

4.0 Obedience training

Training your Beagle Any new command will give his brain a workout. A few 10-minute sessions every day working with your dog on commands and new tricks burns up a lot of mental energy. Come Sit, Stay, down, and shake, are good basic commands, to begin with.

5.0 Give Your Dog a Simple Job

Have your Beagle help out with your chores. Including your dog into everyday tasks like loading laundry baskets, cleaning up dog toys, or carrying logs out to the woodpile can help relieve boredom. This will build up your dog's confidence; a useful dog is a happy, confident dog.

6.0 Arrange a Play Date For Your Dog

Give your Beagle a bit of meaningful interaction by having a dog play dates with friends who have dogs.

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7.0 Alternate Toys to Keep Your Dogs Interested

Dogs get bored with the same old toys. To keep him interested give him a couple of toys at a time.

Swap them out every couple of days.

8.0 Use A Treat Dispensing Toy To Keep Your Dog Busy

One of my dog's favorite things is a frozen peanut butter filled Wobbler. When I leave to go to work he doesn’t even look up; he’s too busy working on food.

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One More Thing

You may now be wondering, can two or more Beagles live happily outside, because they’ll have each other for company?

The answer is yes but today’s Beagles are indoor dogs that really enjoy time outside.

When you find the time to address behavior issues that may happen inside and spend a little more time with your Beagles outside, you’ll find that they're happier and better behaved.

Do you agree that its cruel to keep a Beagle outside rather that in the house? 

God Bless

Richard S. 

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