Help! My Beagle Likes Some Dogs And Dislikes Others?

My Beagle Likes Some Dogs And Dislikes Others

Hello, thanks for visiting. Have you ever wondered just why your Beagle likes some dogs and dislikes others?

Dogs are constantly sizing each other up.

Some dogs only have to see another dog in the distance, and they react aggressively. Others see just about any dog up close and they immediately become friends.

Then there is the middle ground — dogs who like some dogs and dislike others.

Just because your dog doesn’t like every dog he comes across does not mean you’ve failed to socialize him properly as a puppy. Like people, dogs have specific personalities and there are times when those personalities just don't mesh.

It can be difficult to make sense of how your dog makes those decisions.

Why Your Beagle Likes Some Dogs and Dislikes Others

Beagle likes some dogs and dislikes others

Sometimes its the way a dog walks or how tall she is relative to some other dog.It could be their energy level or how vocal they are, an arrogant stance or particular odor, an arrogant stance. The other dog may be too submissive/aggressive to tolerate.Your Beagle likes some dogs and dislikes others.The dog uses his instinctive judgment, makes a decision, and acts on it.

Scent Information

With a Beagle's superlative sense of smell, he can identify a lot of information about another dog even when it's some distance away. There could be something about the other dog’s scent that your dog doesn’t like. Your dog may be reminded of some incident or dog he couldn't get along with in the past.

Body Language

Your Beagle may notice something about another dog’s body language that he doesn’t like. This often happens at a distance. Your dog may have made up his mind before the dogs meet face to face.

The Breed

Dogs can definitely tell if other dogs are like them. Breeds naturally gravitate to other dogs of their kind.

Past Experiences

Your dog may have had a bad experience with one breed or another. Now he assumes that all dogs of that breed are bad, even if they are not. A dog that looks similar or moves in a similar fashion to a much-loved canine friend, can affect your dog's response to another.


Sometimes dogs prefer to socialize with dogs of the opposite sex rather than those of their own sex. Alphas tend to fight with their own gender but will go out of his way to protect other dogs in the family.


A jealous or overprotective dog may not appreciate other dogs getting too close. Your dog may get along just fine while playing alone, but feel threatened when protecting something they value.Now your Beagle likes some dogs and dislikes others.

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What If Your Beagle Behaves Aggressively Toward Other Dogs?

Beagle likes some dogs and dislikes others?

We have seen how some dogs are more aggressive than others and react with aggression as soon as they see another dog. Others are just looking for a playmate and will try to lead you toward another group of dogs.

There' no single way to deal with an aggressive dog. You have to fix some things that stem from your dog’s early life and work from there.

These dogs need to practice being around other canines so that they realize other dogs are not threats. They need to understand that other dogs are not enemies but just like him and that they can become friends.

Aggression is not an unusual problem. The main reason is either a lack of training or improper training as a puppy. There's good news. There is still hope for your dog’s behavior.

  1. Get your Beagle to sit for a treat before leaving the house. Get him to watch you for a treat when you go out on walks.
  2. Put your dog on a loose leash. Give your dog enough space to move freely but make sure that the leash is short enough so you can control and restrain him.
  3. Keep an eye of his behavior. If he starts being aggressive when you approacg other dogs, there's a chance he's only trying to protect you.
  4. This is when you really start giving your dog lots of treats.
  5. The idea is to get the dog to begin associating the presence of other dogs in two ways:
  • Controlling himself so that he gets the treats
  • Getting treats!
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One Last Thing

Dogs being aggressive towards other dogs is a common problem dog owners face. It can be really scary and if ignored, could lead to major problems for your dog in time to come.

If your Beagle likes some dogs and dislikes others and you would like to tell us your story please use the comment box below this post.

God Bless

Richard S.

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