Potty Train A Beagle Puppy – A Step By Step Guide

potty train a beagle puppy

Hello everyone. Thank you for buying so many products through my links last month. I appreciate your support! In this post I want look at how to potty train a beagle puppy.

25% of all dogs left at animal shelters end up there due to house breaking difficulties. Vets confirm that a quarter of all behavior related visits concern potty training.

These numbers show that house training is a major issue for dog owners.

Successful house training methods could save the lives of many thousands of puppies every year.

Before you potty train a beagle puppy she will not know what is expected. Your Beagle will not understand the difference between your back yard and the living room floor.

Potty Train A Beagle Puppy 

3 Crucial Things To get right when Potty training

  • Making sure that your puppy has lots of supervised opportunities to eliminate in the area of your choice.
  • Supervising or confining your dog in between trips to the toilet so that she does not get an opportunity to eliminate in the house.
  • Rewarding your puppy for using the correct spot – with play time, praise, and treats!

 1.0 When to Begin House Training Your New Puppy

potty train a beagle puppy

Start to potty train a beagle puppy as soon as you get her home. Your Beagle will be about 8 weeks old. Expect to make slow but steady process; and not overnight success!

During the day a Beagle puppy will need to eliminate about every 30-40.

Their schedule will revolve around when they last ate or had water; how excitable they are and personal preference! Each puppy has his own inherent potty schedule. Fortunately Beagle pups sleep a lot of the time!

At this early age, your puppy has almost no voluntary control over his/her bladder or bowel muscles. This means that you will have to get be quick to respond to avoid accidents.

2.0 How Do I Know When My Puppy Needs To Potty?

Each dog will display different signals. You will need to figure out what your puppy’s signals are and get him/her out the door before an accident occurs.

Circling, sniffing,whining, circling, sniffing, barking or scratching at the door, are all signals she needs to go.

Your puppy will decide to pee or poop instantly, without warning. This normally occurs because young puppies have not developed enough control to "hold it" until you can get them to the chosen toilet area.

3.0 How Long Will It Take To Potty Train A Beagle Puppy?

It depends! Some puppies catch on straight away and start signaling the need to go out while others remain unreliable for a little longer.

Puppies are usually able to sleep through the night long before they’re reliably house broken.

This is because their metabolism slows down when they sleep, along with the production of urine and feces.

I'd love to know what you think about this issue.Let me know in the comments.

4.0 Confining Your Beagle Puppy

The key to house training is preventing "mistakes" and rewarding the puppy for going in your chosen spot. In the litter, pups just go wherever and when they happen to be! Successful house training is dependent on close supervision. You need to be there to show your puppy where to eliminate.

A Double-Door Metal Folding Pet Crate with Divider, 8-Panel Pet Playpen gated area will let you watch for signs that he is ready and urge your dog to wait until you can take him out. As soon as your new little friend learns that he needs to go outside to do his business, you can begin to give him more freedom to roam around in the house.

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5.0 How To Use Your Crate

You should use the dog crate to safely contain your puppy at night and when you are unable to check his movements closely. Beagle puppies do not like to soil their sleeping area. This means that your puppy will naturally avoid eliminating inside the crate.

The crate should be large enough for your puppy to lie down comfortably, easily turn around in a circle and stand up without needing to crouch If his crate is any bigger your dog may learn to soil one end and sleep at the other.

Use the dog crate to help you predict when your puppy needs to eliminate. Control exactly where he eliminates. If your puppy has been crated overnight or for an hour or so during the day, the chances will be extremely high that he will eliminate as soon as you let him out of the dog crate to go outside.

6.0 Establishing A Potty Area

Whenever your puppy is restless, circling, whining or sniffing the floor carry him/her outside.

The problem is that before you potty train a beagle puppy you usually get no warning your puppy is about to potty! They just squat down and do it... in an instant. I your dog potties inside, you didn't react quickly enough – its that simple.

By paying close attention to your puppy when they are out and about in the house, you may get a heads-up.

Bring him outside to an area where you’d like him to eliminate, and stand around quietly.

Wait about three minutes. If he does eliminate, praise warmly, give your puppy a treat, and take him for a walk. The walks a reward for doing the business in the right place. The puppy is being encouraged to eliminate the minute he she reaches the designated area.

If my doggy fails to eliminate I take him back inside and put him in the playpen.

I wait about 15 minutes then take my puppy out again. Then I repeat the process. When he finishes I give him a tasty treat and praise warmly. Then I reward him with a walk.

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7.0 When Should I Take My Puppy Out?

  • Immediately after your puppy wakes up (morning, noon or night).
  • Straight after he they finish eating, gets a long drink of water, and following excitable play
  • Whenever you think he may need to go - about every 40 minutes.
  • When your puppy starts whining in the crate in the middle of the night or in the dog play pen during the day.
  • When your pup is hanging around the door to the outside.

Take your little associate out for about a month. This will prevent many mistakes and your dog will learn to eliminate in your chosen area.

Remember to praise your Beagle every time he goes in the right spot. The more often he is rewarded, the quicker he will learn.

Spend as much time as you can with your new little friend and give him frequent access to the toilet area.

8.0 House Training At Bedtime And When You Wake Up

potty train a beagle puppy

Take your puppy outside directly before you go off to bed.Reward and praise your puppy as always for pottying in the right spot. Put him in the crate and retire for the night.

First thing next morning, take him out to the potty. Then return him to his play pen unless you are ready to supervise him without too many distractions.

Feeding is next up. Feed your puppy breakfast about the same time every morning.

9.0 Establish A Feeding Schedule

Put your Beagle on a regular feeding schedule.Do not free-feed. If you do this your puppies elimination schedule will be random at best. He may not see you as the provider of his food.

Be sure to leave water out for your pup. Check the dogs water bowl during the day to note how much he is drinking. Make sure the dog bowl stays full. I have the very handy Bergan Gourmet in the puppies play area so I never have to worry.

Feed your puppy according to a schedule and remove any leftovers until the next feeding time.

When your puppy has eaten take him outside to eliminate.

10.0 What About Mistakes?

potty train a beagle puppy

As your puppy grows he will be able to control his bladder and bowels for longer periods. Adolescent puppies will have enough control to "hold it in" for longer periods.

Disciplining your puppy for mistakes is a waste of time. Unless you catch the puppy in the act, he will not understand why you are upset.

Let's face it. If you had been on top of things, you would have noticed your puppy circling with and sniffing to find the best place to poop in the house.

Allow your puppy enough time to do this on his own time.

Bare in mind that your puppy won't be completely house trained until he is around six months old. Remain focused on the progress you are making. When you potty train a Beagle puppy a couple of incidents are inevitable. This should not ruin your house training efforts.

I have discovered that discipline often makes them afraid to eliminate in plain sight. Now you may have a puppy who leaves surprises under your bed.

11.0 Paper Training When You Have To Go To Work?

potty train a beagle puppy

Put your little friend in his dog exercise pen in the tiled kitchen area. Paper the floor

Place your Yorkies dog bed, dog chew toys and water bowl in the play pen.

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The first few days your puppy will potty every where and any where. He will rip up the papers and drag them about. Don't be upset. When you arrive back, clean up the mess and put down fresh papers.

After a few days, your puppy will begin to show a preferred spot to eliminate. Once this spot is well established the rest of the papers will stay clean all day.

Gradually cut the papered area. As time goes by you will only need a few sheets.

"He's got his dog trained so that it only does it on newspapers. The trouble is it does it when he's reading the blasted things."

Honoré de Balzac

If he misses the paper, you've reduced the area too soon. Do not become discouraged if you find that you have to go back to paper a wider area. This is perfectly normal.

If you stick to this procedure, your puppy will become paper trained.

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