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How To Prevent Your Beagle Drowning This Summer

prevent your Beagle drowning this summer

Hello Everyone thanks for visiting the blog.Today I thought I would give you some advice that may prevent your Beagle drowning this summer!

I recently read an article by a veterinarian in North Texas in Fort Worth, who deals with two to three water-related pet fatalities, and lots of water-related injuries, every summer. The author told some horrific stories by swimming pool maintenance professionals who often enter clients’ homes, only to discover a dog clinging to life on the edge of the pool – or worse.

Beagles usually take to water straight away but with some, it takes both time and good-natured tolerance. The proper time to encourage a Beagle into a swimming pool is when they're young, and have little, or no unfavorable occurrences with water.

Some Beagle puppies have greater confidence than others and will jump into the pool and be ready to swim quicker than others.

Swimming will soon be great fun for you and your dog but you have to look out for your pet around water. Even strong, enthusiastic swimmers can get into trouble.

You will prevent your Beagle drowning if you to teach him to swim properly. As soon as you get the basics down, your dog will be able to have a wonderful time in the water without any problems.

Teaching Your Beagle To Swim

No matter how quickly your puppy shapes through those early swimming lessons, don't forget to make it fun and go at your dog's pace.

Certainly never force or throw your dog into the swimming pool. This could easily create a long-term, or even life-long, negative association with water. It will also show your dog that you can't be trusted.

It's always better when your puppy thinks getting into the pool is their idea.

prevent your Beagle drowning this summer

 Start Off Slowly

Putting your Beagle into a doggy life vest can be very helpful. Dogs often venture into the shallows but begin to panic as soon as they reach deeper water and their head goes under. No dog enjoys a nose full of water.

Put Your Beagle In A Life Vest

First, play on the side of the pool for a while.Once your dog is comfortable in the vest, you can head for the water.

Begin In The Shallow End

If it's your dog's first time going for a swim, you'll want to him a chance to figure out how to swim before being allowed in the deep end. Start in the shallow end and slowly work towards deeper water.

Get In The Water With Your Dog

When your Beagle puppy begins to paddle, lift his hind legs to show him how to float. Your dog will look like he's running. He will most probably begin by paddling only his front feet. Keep going and provide support until he's using all four legs. (If he only paddles with his front legs, his back side will sink and he will tire more easily.)

Watch To See If All Four Paws Are Moving

Help your dog by putting your hands on the bottom of his back paws. When you do this, your dog is likely to start kicking.

Start Encouraging Your Dog To Swim To You

Gradually increase the distance. Begin by moving away from the steps a foot or two and then helping your dog turn back to the exit of the pool.(The handle on your dog's life jacket is for helping him get in, for helping him stay afloat while he learns to paddle, for steering him once he's already swimming, and for helping him get out of the pool.)

Make Sure There Are Steps Or A Ramp So He Can Climb Out

Show your dog the dog pool steps or pet pool ramp so he can get out without panicking. Practice until your dog knows how to get in and out.

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Watch For Signs Of Fatigue

Once your dog starts in the pool, keep an eye on him and watch for signs of fatigue. It's the owner's job to get the dog out of the water for necessary breaks. Some dogs get so carried away they don't want to admit they're too tired to continue playing. If you notice the dog is getting slower and is having trouble staying afloat, take a break. During your breaks, you should provide a fresh, cool drink for your dog. ( Most home swimming pools use chlorine to keep clean.)

Drinking from a swimming pool can make your dog feel sick.) Oh, and rinse him off after he’s been in any type of water. Seawater, chlorine, algae, and pollution can irritate or damage his skin and fur.

Tips That Will Prevent Your Beagle Drowning This Summer

Never leave your dog unattended in water. Try to stay near your dog for when there's an emergency. Swimming pools are best fenced off for safety.Most dogs that drown in pools, do so because they can't find the stairs, ladder or shelf to exit it. They actually die from exhaustion from "dog paddling" in circles until they can no longer stay afloat. Consider purchasing a pet pool ramp for your dogs.

Pay attention to your dog's condition as he plays. Always keep in mind that even swimming dogs can get hot, so take fresh water and provide it when you get a chance. When your dog is tiring, call it a day. A tired dog may be a good dog, but an exhausted dog is in danger of drowning.

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If you are having a get-together out by the pool and cannot keep an eye on your dog. If you want to be sure to prevent your beagle drowning, put a dog life jacket on him and jacket on some other form of entertainment for him away from the pool.

Before letting your dog swim in natural surroundings, analyze the area for safety. Rivers and oceans can change often, and a place once safe for swimming can become treacherous.

Consider currents, tides, underwater hazards and even the condition of the water. You should provide a life jacket for your dog for when he becomes exhausted and can't make it back to you.

While you enjoy the surf with your little associate, keep these tips in mind. Be wary of strong currents and rip tides, which can take you both out to sea.

Even the best swimmer can be at risk when the sea is rough. Swimming can be pretty tiring for a dog, especially if they are struggling against the tide.

Prevent your beagle drowning. A doggy life jacket will help keep your his head above water. This will give buy you the time you need to make it to your dog and make sure he gets back to shore.

My Beagle Four Pence simply adores swimming. Do you have any interesting stories about summer holidays with your dogs? I would love to hear them!

God Bless

Rich S.



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