15 Ways To Reinforce Your Alpha Status With An Aggressive Beagle

Hi, everyone. When your Beagle begins showing aggressive tendencies it becomes important to reinforce your alpha status in your household.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that half of all children 12 years-of-age and under have been bitten by a dog. Most of these bites were from a dog the child knew well usually by his own or a friend or the neighbor's dog.

Health authorities say that more than 1,000,000 people are bitten every year, but this number probably represents about half the real bites; the rest go unreported.

A dog who perceives himself as high in status may show aggression toward family members. Your Beagle may be perfectly trustworthy when you are around but react aggressively toward other family members in your absence

If your dog gets the idea that someone in the pack has overstepped his bounds, he can suddenly display aggressive behavior. The dogs behavior is usually triggered by some action he sees as threatening or unpleasant. Something as simple as taking food away or disturbing the dog while she’s sleeping may set the dog off.

5 Ways To Correct Your Dog

Dog owners often fail to recognize signals or warnings that their dogs offer before they bite.They underestimate how strong pack instinct can be.This is what gets them into trouble.

You must be firm and correct your dog each and every time he shows aggression. Don't go and comfort your dog when he does something wrong it will only serve to confuse him. If you are ready to ignore aggressive beagle behavior your dog will not learn that what he is doing wrong.

A quick squirt from a spray bottle startles your dog and works very well.

Shake a soft drink can with some small stones inside.

A loud "Stop" command followed by 10 minutes in a room on its own.

A loud whistle.

These are methods that are firm and fair behavior modification strategies that reinforce your alpha status and correct aggressive Beagle behavior.

Sure Ways To Reinforce Your Alpha Status

Very few Beagles are truly dominant. It's usually just the dog has never learned rules. A dog owner must learn to become a leader. It's important to set up a set of rules that their Beagle is expected to live by. These would include no biting ,no inappropriate aggression toward your visitors, no jumping up on people, stay away from the kids etc.

1.0 Never Let Your Dog Jump Up On The Bed, Sofa Or Armchairs

Permitting your Beagle to lie around on the furniture makes him an equal.

2.0 You Must Eat First

Even if it is just a bite of something your dog is not allowed to begin eating until you release him to eat.Don’t feed him in the same place everyday. Control the environment and feed him in different areas. Teach him to work for his food. You can do this by making use of Clever Pet, Busy Buddy, Atomic Treat Ball or a Buster Cube.

3.0 Never Give Your Dog Table Scraps

Don't feed your dog scraps when you are eating at the table. Rather put them in his bowl after you have eaten.

4.0 Nothing Is Free

reinforce your alpha status

Your dog has to work for treats.Give your Beagle something to do before you share food, water, toys, or affection. This way the dog earns his treat. For example, have him or her do the Sit or Down command.

5.0 You Control The Toys

Dole out about 3 toys per day. Your Beagle has to work to get each one of them released. Make sure he is watching when you pick them up in the evening. You control these items.

Bring out 2-3 different dog toys the next morning. If he protects a toy take it away and keep it for a few days.

6.0 Learn When To Ignore Your Dog

Take no notice of your dog for a few minutes when you come home and then call it over when you are ready to play.

7.0 Teach Your Dog To Sit

One of the best ways to begin reinforcing your alpha status is to get your Beagle to sit while you are attaching his leash to go for walks. Make him stop at street corners, have him sit and then down. Don’t let him up until you release him to “heel” again. If he gets up, use the verbal correction “no” and command him again. Stay calm and confident.

Use precise commands and give him a dog treat if he completes them the first time he is asked.

8.0 Your Dog Must Give Way

If your Beagle is lying on the floor or taking a nap in a doorway make him move so that you go by. Walk through him by gently shuffling your feet until he gets up and moves. The alpha dog never walks around his litter mates.

Don’t allow your dog to treat you like a sibling, be the parent.

9.0 ALWAYS Go Through Doorways Ahead Of Your Dog

Put him on the leash and make him sit while you walk through doors first.

10.0 No Pulling On The Leash

reinforce your alpha status

While out walking, make sure that your dog is not in front of you, pulling you down the road. Reinforce your alpha status by keeping your dog at your side or behind you. This will clearly show to your little friend that you are the pack leader.

11.0 ALWAYS Make Sure You Are Able To Make Your Commands Happen

Even if he refuses to do it. Never forget; only give the command once.

Your Beagle needs to be well-trained with the basic commands, most notably the down and down-stay.

12.0 Do Not Let Him Jump On You Or Other People Ever

This is a very rude way of greeting and is also associated with dominance.

13.0 You Initiate Play

reinforce your alpha status

Another great way to reinforce your alpha status is to control games. You must always start play and make the rules. Start and stop when you feel like it, not when he tells you so. If he isn’t listening, stop paying attention right away and walk off.

14.0 Don't Allow Your Beagle To Bite

If you are playing or training and he puts his teeth on you give him a sharp verbal correction and then ignore him for a few hours. No petting, no talking to him, no eye contact for an aggressive Beagle. Its better to lay down some ground rules early on. Teach him before he uses his teeth and hurts somebody.

15.0 Conduct Daily Training Sessions To Keep Your Beagle Well-trained

Establish yourself as the pack leader. Dogs need consistency to help them recognize their position in the pack hierarchy.

As soon as he has mastered the basics, teach him some new advanced commands to stimulate his mind.Dog owners must be 100% consistent at enforcing the rules.

A dog who believes that when he breaks the rules there will consequences is less likely to break them. Once a dog accepts and lives within the rules he is easier to live with.

I have never met a dog I couldn't help; however, I have met humans who weren't willing to change. Cesar Millan


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