Simple Ways To Make Walking Your Beagle More Fun

make walking your Beagle more fun

Hello, Everybody. Thanks for visiting the blog. Let's take a look at how you can make walking your Beagle more fun.

It doesn't take long to see walking the dog as something of a duty, rather than something the two of you should be able to enjoy with no pressure.

If you’re battling to stick with a daily walking routine there's an easy solution; add some variety to keep things interesting.

Here are a few simple ideas to make walking your Beagle more fun.

make walking your Beagle more fun

1.0 Changing your route

Walking someplace new and different can make the walk more interesting for both you and your dog.

Exploring a new trail or take a trip to the beach or a local picnic spot. Your Beagle will be entertained by the car ride alone, let alone all those new sights and smells.

Use your imagination and use what's available to help spice up your walks. Get your dog to jump over branches or other small obstacles.

Now and then, it can be rewarding to allow your dog to be the navigator. Your dog may choose areas that are a little wilder or hillier than you’re used to but letting him choose is a nice way to show you what he finds interesting.

If you let him off the leash and he wanders off in a certain direction, instead of recalling him join your dog in his investigations.

make walking your Beagle more fun

2.0 Letting Your Dog Sniff Around

For our Beagle a walk is their daily opportunity to explore the outside world. Every sniff tells your dog who's been there recently.

Letting him sniff and check things out makes it more exciting and enjoyable for him.

If you’re don't enjoy stopping every few feet to let him sniff add in a couple of brief sniff breaks along your route.

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3.0 Keeping your dog on the leash

Beagles are hound dogs and their unbelievable sense of smell is always working. They have a powerful urge to follow scents and if you remove their leash can run off after a small animal.

On top of that, smells easily distract these dogs, and he may employ what trainers call, “selective deafness,” meaning he will not respond to your calls for him to return.

Remember a good recall is essential if you're going to let your dog off lead.

4.0 Taking A Friend Along

Make walking the dog more fun by inviting a friend or relative to join you. If you friends with dogs going on walks together is a wonderful opportunity to chat and your dogs will enjoy the extra company. It's also safer to go with a friend if you walk in an isolated area.

make walking your Beagle more fun

5.0 Socializing along the route

If you meet people or dogs when you’re out for a walk stop and catch up. Ask a stranger not to approach, speak to or touch your dog until he makes the first move

Dog parks are great because they provide a place where your dog can interact with other dogs on a regular basis.

Your Beagle may be uncomfortable with other dogs at the park running up and getting into his face all the time.

Remember, its going to take some time before your dog is socialized and you will need to reinforce this behavior to keep your dog-friendly with other dogs and people you meet along the way.

Beagles won’t usually initiate any problems with other dogs, but if they feel annoyed or threatened they will retaliate so go slowly at first making sure that your dogs are on the leash. Then, approach the new dog slowly.

When the dogs are introduced, let them to circle around each other and sniff. After that simply walk away with and resume your walk.

Reward your dog when he displays confident behavior, as this will encourage him to behave when meeting new dogs.

6.0 Listening to music

If you have some songs you love playing while you're walking, you're likely to walk faster and stay more entertained as you go.

Listening to music make walking your Beagle more fun.. it works for me! Try putting one earbud in so you're still aware of your surroundings.

make walking your Beagle more fun

7.0 Changing your pace

You should walk your Beagle for a minimum of 20 minutes at a pace that keeps your Beagle moving at a steady pace; but not getting out of breath.

Then add in an element of unpredictability by varying your speed circling or zigzagging.

After that walk at a leisurely pace taking a little more time to enjoy the scenery. Try to stay in the moment. This will make your walks more interesting, and give you a much-needed break from the stress of daily living.

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8.0 Adding In Some Training

You can practice some basic obedience starting with the easy stuff. Do some loose leash walking, then practice some sits, stays, downs, and watch me.

Although they can’t compete with Border Collies when it comes to learning cool and complicated tricks, Beagles are actually really clever.

So, teach your dog some tricks rewarding him between each exercise with praise, a treat, or a little fetch before releasing him for some free running.

Make sure that your dog does everything he should be doing, such as sitting or waiting patiently while you're waiting to cross the road, or passing people and other without barking or lunging.

Always include a few recalls. If you only call him your dog when it's time to go home he'll learn to keep his distance so the fun can go on for longer.

9.0 Keeping Your Beagles Attention

Beagles like to chase small animals and greet other dogs. On leash, this can lead to you being pulled in whatever direction your Beagle feels like and that's no fun!

The key to stopping this behavior is to keep him focused on you during the walk.

Make sure your Beagle you don't t reward him for pulling. If you allow him to pull you along (to chase a squirrel or greet another dog) then he will keep on doing it and it will get worse.

The minute you feel your Beagle start to pull you in one direction, plant your feet and don’t move. Now turn and walk in another direction.

Keep on doing this until he walks next to you nicely, then you can turn back and go the way he wanted to in the first place.

This teaches your Beagle that if he wants to go somewhere, she has to keep that leash loose.

make walking your Beagle more fun

10.0 Adding some Off-Leash Play

Allow your dog some time to himself. Let him to dash about, sniff at bushes, and do other doggy stuff, but don't leave him entirely to his own devices.

If you're at the park toss some treats onto the grass and encourage your dog to find them.

Bring a ball or a Frisbee with you on your walks so you can add some off-leash play to your routine.

A Frisbee break will make walking your Beagle more fun.You don't have to wait until your dog is an adult, you can begin teaching him or her this game when they are still a puppy.

For beginners, you can get a "baby" Frisbee. Getting your Beagle puppy to run after it, and catch it mid-air breaks up the routine of the walk.

You don’t want to do this for every walk. If you do your dog comes to expect it he may become poorly behaved on the initial part of your walk because he’s anticipating the off-leash playtime.

Encourage your dog to use all his senses by playing hide-and-seek with him. Wait until his attention is focused on something else then slip behind a bush or squat down in the long grass next to the path.

Wait a moment or two then call his name. When he finds you he'll probably be pleased with how clever he's been, but be ready with a tasty treat and lots of praise.

On a hot day, beagles enjoy swimming or paddling, either to cool off or for the sheer enjoyment of it. If there is a safe, clean lake or stream that your dog can get in and out of easily let him swim or paddle.

One More Thing

Its great fun taking photos as you go. Doing this will engage you in your surroundings as you hunt for the next pretty picture.

You're likely to capture some good shots of your dog being goofy that you can post online after your walk to let your friends see what you've been up to.

Bye For Now!

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