How To Stop Your Beagle Puppy Biting His Leash On Walks

Beagle puppy biting his leash.

Hello, Everyone. Today we are looking at how to stop your Beagle puppy biting his leash.

You take your new Beagle puppy for a walk and find that he’s continually jumping up, grabbing at his leash and playing tug with it. You want him to walk along quietly, sniffing shrubs and peeing on lamp posts like any other well-educated dog.

Why Do Beagle Puppies Bite Their Leash?

1.0 In most cases, your puppy is grabbing his leash because it's fun. Our task is to convince him that there's more fun when he does what we ask.

2.0 For a Beagle puppy walking in the open air is a carnival of fragrances, new experiences, sound, and sights. At the park, your dog wants to get to know other dogs.

He wants to race about, go exploring and cause mayhem just like any good puppy, but he's held back by the bothersome thing around his neck. All that happy energy must still go somewhere.It may get redirected onto the leash.

3.0 If your puppy gets hold of and tugs on his leash while you’re out walking, you can assume that he really, enjoys holding things in his mouth and playing tug. The thing is he’s playing this game in an inconvenient and disturbing context.

Why Reprimands Don’t Work

Reprimands don’t work because trying to play is a social activity. Sociable conduct is ordinarily reinforced by the attention we give our dogs, even if it’s angry attention.

How To Stop Your Beagle Puppy Biting His Leash

stop your Beagle puppy biting his leash.

1.0 Train Your Beagle To Tolerate His Leash ​​​​​​When He's A Puppy

There's no better way to begin a healthy pack leader attitude for your puppy than going for walks. One can often avoid this problem completely if you begin training your dog to tolerate his dog leash and enjoy going for walk while he's a puppy.

2.0 Make Getting Set To Go On Your Walk A Little Less Exciting

Enjoying the fresh air and seeing what the environment has to offer is fun for you and your Beagle, but too much excitement can cause him to play up. Instead of letting your little friend know it's time to go, calmly find his leash, ask him to sit, and secure it to his dog collar or dog harness. Try not to gee him up in any way.

3.0 Get His Attention When He Starts To Bite

Instead of trying to pull his leash out of his mouth or starting to tussle with your little associate give a sharp "leave it" and tell him to sit.

4.0 Give Him A Ball To Carry

Your puppy's love of chewing has to do with arousal, teething and not knowing any better. Have a doggy ball toy at your side while you go for walks and offer it to him in place of his leash. Even some adult dogs like to carry something in their mouths while on walks.

5.0 Buy A Rope Toy And Use That For Games Of Tug

It's a smart move to give your Beagle puppy an appropriate outlet for playing tug. Tug-of-war is a wonderful game to play with lively Beagle puppies. Exercise burns off energy and the game gives you something fun to do with your puppy, which helps build a lasting friendship. Teach the little friend that this rope dog toy is the object he is allowed to go ape over.

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6.0 Ensure That All Walking Without Biting Is Richly Rewarded

You can use a dog biscuit, but you might get better results using that tug toy. Your puppy may be biting at his leash to tell you wants a game of tug! Teach him that by walking properly on his leash, he’ll get the opportunity to play.

Hot Tip! Bring the dog treats down to level! If your Beagle puppy has to jump up to get them, you find yourself rewarding excitable behavior. If your puppy gets grabby about dog snacks simply drop them on the ground in front of him.

7.0 Teach Your Puppy The "Drop It" Command

This won't stop your Beagle puppy biting his leash but, will give you an easy way to get him to spit it out.

Get started by taking one of your Beagle puppy's treasured toys and giving it to him. The moment he takes it, whip out a dog biscuit and offer it to him. Say "drop it."

Most puppies won't be able to resist the temptation of food. As soon as he drops the toy in anticipation of the treat, let him have it and tell him he's a good puppy. Do this a couple of each day until he learns to drop whatever is in his mouth on command.

8.0 That Brisk Walk Home

Getting our dog into a brisk walk home I was the only thing that worked for me with my Beagle puppy . I ignored him while we were walking home. I simply held his leash really close to his collar, so I had good control of him, and just went straight home. Once he realized that leash biting only ends the walk and gets him a quick trip home, he stopped this behavior.

One Last Thing

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It can be a good idea to make your dog's leash taste bad so that he finds it disgusting to have it in his mouth. I  suggest soaking the lower part of the dog leash with bitter apple. Bitter apple can be obtained in a spray. It will stop your Beagle puppy biting his leash because of the bad taste.

God Bless

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