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Some Killer Tips On How To Stop Your Beagle Chasing Cats

stopping your beagle chasing cats

Hello, Everyone. I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links. Thanks for the feedback! Let's take a look at how you can stop your Beagle chasing cats.

People often think that Beagles will assume their natural hunting instinct and immediately give chase. They believe it will be difficult if not impossible, for the dog and cat to live peacefully together.

It’s entirely possible that a dog will not even get along with other dogs, let alone a cat.

Beagle puppies and kittens brought up together get along famously. In fact when introduced the proper way most adult Beagle quickly get used to having the family cat as a member of their pack.

If your Beagle barks at and attempts to chase cats in the neighborhood think twice about bringing a new cat into your home. If you do decide to get a kitty you will be hoping that the two pets will snuggle up together and become best friends. This does not always happen.

Dogs And Cats Can Get Along If Introduced Properly

Here's how you can avoid having to constantly stop your Beagle chasing cats.Make sure that you introduce your pets the right way!

It's difficult to forecast what will take place when two very different animals meet. Both pets need to be supervised until you are certain there won't be any issues. The established one should be kept in a gated area ( pet safety gate ) when the new animal is in the house.

Always introduce the new pet to the house first so that he can become used to the scent, of the existing pets. Once you have done this allow the already established pet smell the scents the newer one has just left as he explored.

Ask A Friend To Help You

Provided the parties have remained relatively well behaved exploring the house you can continue. Have a friend hold the cat while you keep the Beagle firmly attached to his lead.

Let them approach and smell each other. They should only be permitted to get closer together without touching. Do this somewhere the cat will be able to escape if required. If the cat begins to think cornered and gets spooked, you'll want her to be able to climb up onto a counter where she'll feel safe

Your task will be to watch their body language for any tension/aggression. Be careful. If your cat hisses or spits at the dog and you get in the way you could get bitten or badly scratched.Judging on how well things go, let them begin to interact with one another. If you find that you have jump in and to stop your Beagle chasing cats, end the intro and try again the following day.

Assuming nothing goes wrong, after a few days each animal will be able to tolerate the presence of the other without overreacting. Don’t be taken aback if it takes some time for them to feel comfortable with each other. Don’t try to rush it. Your aim is not to hurry the process, but to keep it constructive.

It would be wonderful if they straight away acted like best buddies. This will most likely not happen. Fascination is normal and gradual indifference is a very good sign. When two animals act as though the other does exist, this is a positive sign that they don't see each other as a threat.

Remember to keep in mind that this could very well be temporary. As soon as they figure out that the other is there to stay, the mood could change. Keep an eye on them until the friendship is well established.

If The Dog Becomes A​ggressive

Anytime the dog becomes aggressive, admonish him in a stern tone and remove him from the room. If he behaves in a sociable or submissive way, offer a tasty treat as a reward.

Once your dog begins warming up to your cat, you can allow the animals to interact with one another for long periods, always while supervised.

When not supervised, the animals should stay confined to separate areas in the house. Before you are sure the two will tolerate each other, it's best if the cat can jump up on a counter out of the way of the dog. If the cat has a cat scratching post somewhere where the dog can't reach this would be an advantage.

One of the simplest and most easily accessible places to move the cat's food and the litter box is to make use of a kitchen counter. In a couple of weeks, provided everything is going to plan, you can let the pets eat in the kitchen at the same time. Eating meals together creates a closer bond between the dog and your cat. Start with the cat food up on the counter, but call both pets in at the same time.

Until you see that the two genuinely get along well, continue to give each their own space to rest and play without being disturbed. This is most important when you are not home.

What To Do If Things Go Bad

There are times two animals might not get along and that’s okay. It’s simply not meant to be. If it becomes very obvious the animals hate each other, then end it. Even if you do get them to get along, there may be a lot of resentment between the two.

In time, you may find that your cat and dog learn to tolerate one another. In a few cases, the cat and dog can never be safely left alone together. Employ your best judgment in these situations, and rather be safe.

Multiple Cats/Dogs – If you’re introducing three or more pets to one another, it’s better to do so one at a time. This will make it less stressful for the new addition and cut the risk of the familiar pets ganging up on your new addition.

10 Sure Ways To Stop Your Beagle Chasing Cats

stop your beagle chasing cats

Please Choose A beagle!

1.0 Refocus His Attention

As soon as your Beagle's gaze locks onto one of the cats or he begins staring in their direction, clap hands or call his name. When he focuses his attention on you, give him a treat and treat him like a prince. Your dog has to understand that good conduct is rewarded. He also learns he's not allowed to chase the cat.

When he takes off after the cat run after him. Tell him “ NO ”. He should learn that he's made a bad choice in chasing the cat because you are very upset.

When you catch him, put him into a room or his dog crate by himself for a few minutes. He needs to know that his chasing behavior has a serious result. Not only will you not allow it, he will have a time out when he breaks the rules.

2.0 Get Used To Rewarding Your Beagles Calm Behavior When The Cats Are Around

Reinforcing correct behavior teaches your dog what you want him to do. Just make sure the delicacies you are giving are more desirable to your dog than the fun of chasing the cat!

He will also learn to check with you before deciding before deciding to chase the cats.

3.0 Reward Your Cat

I know you are want to stop your Beagle chasing cats but remember to reward your cat as well. At some stage, you may need to start rewarding her with a few tasty kitty treats for good behavior when the dogs around.

4.0 Your Dog May Be Chasing Cats Because He’s Bored

You may be able to stop your beagle chasing cats by increasing the time the two of you spend at the dog park. A tired dog will not be as inclined to chase the cat.

5.0 Ensure You Have Your Core Commands Down Pat

Your dog should respond unfailingly. Continue to keep working on these in all areas of your Beagles life, so that he retains his responsiveness and doesn’t forget manners.

If he behaves aggressively toward the cat give the "Leave It' command and immediately reward him when he obeys. When cats take off a Beagle will be hard pressed to ignore the challenge to chase. Watch closely, and when the cat scampers off.

To stop your Beagle chasing cats you can use the 'Stay' command.

6.0 Use A Pet Gate.

  • A pet gate is a very useful tool when you want to stop Beagles chasing cats.
  • Adjust the gate so that your cat can slip under it to get to her food bowl, rest area or litter box.
  • Set the gate up in a doorway near a counter or furniture that the cat can navigate to climb over the gate but the Beagle cannot.

7.0 Reduce The Prey Drive In Your Beagle.

Spaying or neutering your dog is one of the most important steps in reducing their propensity to chase cats. This removes a real a part of their potential aggression and need to hunt.

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8.0 Ensure Your Dog Is Properly Fed

This will overcome any kind of drive to target prey owing to hunger.

9.0 Stop Predatory Hostility

When a dog exhibits aggressive behavior toward cats, it generally indicates a kind of predatory aggression where the dog is eager to assert its dominance. Stop your Beagle chasing cats by firmly establishing yourself as the pack leader.

10.0 Control Your Dogs Feeding Time.

This is when there is most likely to be some tension. Either separate them when you're feeding or watch them closely

“Once when I had remarked on the affection quite often found between cat and dog, my friend replied, "Yes. But I bet no dog would ever confess it to the other dogs. C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

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