How To Stop Your Beagle Jumping Up

stop your beagle jumping up

Beagle Jumping Up

Hi, all when you have to constantly stop your dog jumping up on people you are facing a really tricky issue that can be difficult to solve.

Perhaps I should say tricky for dog owners because it's not much of a difficulty in your dog's mind. Jumping is something they enjoy.

It’s a different story for an embarrassed beagle dog owner, who must contend deal with those dirty paw prints all over the clothing of an offended guest.

It's a little-known fact that owners often encourage dogs jumping behavior when they are puppies without even realizing it.

When your Beagle pup comes racing and delivers an over reactive doggy welcome it seems like the natural reaction to bend down and hug the little blighter. Effectively, we are rewarding the puppy’s “jumpy” greetings.

Lo Jo learns a new lesson: jumping dog behavior is the way to go to get love and affection.

She will not be able to differentiate between cute puppy jumps and a full-grown adult lunge. Lunging dog behavior can be downright dangerous.This is the way to greet and even if she’s all grown up will not stop her jumping on unwary guests – not without a fight.

The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them. Stanley Coren, dog psychologist

Now you have a problem on your hands as you try to stop your Beagle jumping up.

When Excitable Dog Behavior Becomes a Problem

The truth is that small dogs are often found jumping up on people. Pocket Beagle owners view, jumping dog behavior as sweet of affectionate and enthusiastic. At least these cute little breeds are not likely to knock anyone flying when they’re feeling boisterous.

Having said this, there’s rarely a situation where guests enjoy being leaped upon by a hairy alien, irrespective of its size. It’s just plain good form to teach jumping dogs the “off” command so that you’re prepared for those situations when you’re may not be around to control the dog.

The “off” command is a must for owners of big jumping dogs. Can you imagine the ordeal from a child’s point of view, with a dog’s slavering jaws looming above their heads!

A large dog’s paws are heavy enough to gouge long rents in people's clothing and do grievous bodily harm to an unwary guest. Cuts and bruises are nasty enough to contend with when they’re our own problem, but they’re far worse when your dog’s inflicted them on someone else!

Why Do Dogs Jump Up?

stop your dog jumping up

Dogs that jump up are doing so because they are excited. It’s an over zealous greeting that usually happens when your dog is fired up with adrenaline and happy about something. Many people have dogs that don’t jump up, except when family members return home from work.

If your Beagle dog is leaping up on you in these circumstances is OK - he’s literally jumping for joy.

A fairly uncommon, but far more dangerous situation is when your dog starts to display an aggressive streak. Whenever a dog wants to assert physical superiority over another animal she will jump up and place both paws over the other dog’s shoulders.

If you just have to put up with jumping dog behavior during playtime, or when you return home from work then they're just showing happy she is to see you. When your Beagle continues to display this behavior over in a range of circumstances, it’s more likely that they're expressing dominance over you.

This indicates that there is a problem that may result in an unwelcome incident.

Brush up on your alpha-dog techniques (tip: Secrets to Dog Training provides wonderful resources to manage an aggressive dog)

Use This Strategy To Stop Your Beagle Jumping Up

stop your dog jumping up

The most effective way for you to stop your Beagle jumping up is to ignore your dog when he misbehaves. Give him the cold shoulder, Withdraw all attention. You don’t have to yell, shove or discipline.

Fold your arms, turn your back and don’t look at him.

This does not mean that you are disregarding a bad habit you’re ignoring the dog. This is the most effective way to let your dog know that you’re displeased with him.

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When Do You Use Praise And Treats?

As soon as you have four paws firmly on the floor you can make her feel like a princess. Beagles live in the present and can only associate your displeasure with whatever they’re doing at that moment. This means that it's fine to reward her with a hug and a treat as soon as you have four paws on the floor, even though you were ignoring the dog a few seconds before.

And then there's the personal question so many of Lassie's fans want to ask: Is he allowed on the furniture? Of course, he is—but, then, he's the one who paid for it. Julia Glass


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