Five Sure Ways To Stop Your Beagle Puppy Whining

stop your Beagle puppy whining.

Hello, everyone. There’s nothing more irritating than a Beagle puppy that never seems to stop whining. Today we are taking a look at some sure ways to stop your Beagle puppy whining.

Whining begins early when the puppies are still with their mother and litter mates. Born deaf, blind, and not yet able to regulate their temperature, puppies are in a fairly helpless stage. mother is always nearby can intervene at the first indications of trouble.

The puppies whine to let their mother know they're cold or hungry. Whining is rewarded with attention and comfort and this works so well for them that they may continue to whine into their adult years.

What follows happens with new puppy owners when they put their cute new puppy to bed for the night. Alarmed by her being on her own they rush to let her know that they're there. The new puppy has learned a useful lesson, reminiscent of the time she was in the litter: WHINING WORKS!

Now when the puppy wants something she's not allowed to have she will continue to whine and cry until you give in. Giving your puppy attention or food when they start whining only encourages them to do it more often.

A puppy's Mom decides, at some stage that it's time to ignore those whiny cries for attention!

So, a better option is to make sure your puppy is okay and take action only if there's a need to be met. If nothing ignore your beagle puppy for a while.

Why Puppies Whine

Beagles whine to communicate their mental, physical or emotional state.

Since humans talk all the time, its natural behavior for your puppy to pick up on this and start vocalizing herself. If we do not respond properly, whining can become an undesirable behavior.

We should always find the reason for our Beagles whining so that we can apply the most effective solution. There's usually triggers this behavior - we've just got to work out what it is. If you’re blessed with good luck, your puppy will give you a hint. An example would be whining while scratching at the front door.

Attention Seeking Puppies

The most common reason Beagle puppies whine is to get attention. They whine because it works - we reward them for it!

Anxious Or Fearful Puppies

Your puppy may whine because she’s anxious, excited, fearful or frustrated. This behavior may include a lot of jumping and frenzied activity.

stop your Beagle puppy whining

There may be nervous pacing, and uncertain body language —constantly looking around with ears and tail down. A nervous will whine while trembling and exhibiting submissive body language. Your puppy may try to escape by avoiding family members or hiding.

Separation Anxiety

A dog with separation anxiety may begin to whine when she sees you pick up the car keys to go out. Puppies often whine when left home alone or at night-time.

The Puppy Wants To Go Outside

There a particular high-pitched whine which means your dog wants to go out right away. That's way of telling you, “please open the door right this moment.”

Your Puppy Is Experiencing Pain

It's also possible that your little friend is in pain. then her whine is a cry for help. In such cases, you will need to distinguish whether your puppy is just being frivolous or is really in need of help?

Sure Ways To Stop Your Beagle Puppy Whining

1.0 There's No Need To Punish Your Puppy

If you know she's whining about something that’s not really meaningful or something she’s not allowed to have, then the only thing you can do is tell her “NO” and ignore her until she gives up. Beagle puppies often remain persistent about this especially if whining over small things has been rewarded in the past. Be consistent until she learns that whining for little things won’t work.

2.0 Reinforcing Whining Behavior

If you respond to these whines instead of ignoring them, you may be reinforcing the power of this irksome noise. Your little dog will know she has the upper hand and you're going the moment she begins whining. a smart response to, stop your Beagle puppy whining is to try distracting her. The minute she starts whining get her to do something else. Tell her “SIT or “COME.” Try it out to see if it works for you.

stop your Beagle puppy whining

3.0 Puppies Whining For Attention

If your Beagle puppy is whining to get attention (and nothing's wrong), ignore her. Only play or provide attention stops whining.

Puppies crated in a separate room will whine at first. What you have to do is completely ignore her. The moment you enter the room, you are showing your pup that whining works.

Practice entering the room immediately after she stops.

This will teach your puppy that you will return if she stops. Your puppy will learn that being quiet is something that is rewarded.

4.0 Puppies With Separation Anxiety

Once you stop your Beagle puppy whining, spend some time playing with her to reward her calm behavior. Just one or two tasty chew toys help reduce whining in some situations - a kong classic filled with peanut butter.... is a favorite with our dogs.

If your puppy is whining overnight bring his crate into your bedroom. It's okay to have her near by the first few nights, just so she knows she has somebody to rely on and ease the pain of being separated from her litter mates.

After that ignore her whining, so that she learns to stop trying to seek attention in this way because you are not going to come back and pay her attention.

6.0 Puppies That May Be Feeling Sick

If you think that your puppy may be experiencing any kind of discomfort or distress, consult with your vet, who will be able to decide if there's a medical issue behind your puppy's whining — and suggest, medication or other treatment that can help stop your Beagle puppy whining.

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