Sure Ways To Stop Beagles Barking Up A Storm

stop Beagles barking

Hi, everyone thanks for visiting.Today we’re taking a look at ways to stop Beagles barking and disturbing the neighbors.

Beagles don’t bark non stop, but the are always ready to join in when other dogs start barking.Many things may possibly trigger an alert. It could be a vehicle exhaust, a stranger or a door banging in the wind. 

For a Beagle howling is great fun. Like all hound dogs, Beagles  were bred to sound off while out hunting.

People who favor this breed may find these sounds captivating and comical. Of course there are others who are not so thrilled with these noisy little dogs.

Three Kinds Of Bark

stop Beagles barking

The Bark

There is a general bark, which in Beagle terms is a little more powerful than in other dogs.There is the bay which is a combination of a bark and a howl.. Then there are Beagles that howl.

The Howl

Really magnificent to those who are not irritated by it; the dog throws his head back, noise pointing straight up and lets out a long, drawn out haunting “song”. It is a very sorrowful sound that’s hard to forget.

The Bay

The bay is usually the most annoying of the vocalizations because it is loud, harsh and throaty. These sounds carry over long distances.

You would expect that the dog would recognize the mail-man when he comes to your house everyday around the same time. In fact the dog greets him like a stranger with a barrage of furious barks.

Put Yourself In Your Dogs Position

To understand this kind of behavior and work out how to stop beagles barking. Imagine yourself in the dogs position.

The first time the dog sees the Mailman he barks. He wants to protect your home from this stranger. After a few barks the postman leaves. The dog may feel proud confident that he has chased this threat away. After that when the mail-man approaches he woofs out his noisy alarm. It worked the first time, so he reasons that it will work again.

He’s right ! The mail-man leaves.

How To Stop Beagles Barking

stop beagles barking

Of course, there are times when barking isn’t only unnecessary, it’s downright undesirable. Some dogs can use their voices to get your attention.

One thing that many soft-hearted souls battle to understand is that owning a dog does not usher in a democracy If you want to know how to stop a Beagle barking then it’s about you being the leader of the pack.

Dogs aren’t little people with fur; they are happy and behave better you show them you’re in charge. She has to learn that constant barking will not get your beagle whatever he demands. You have to prove to him that you’re not the kind of person that can be manipulated so easily.

A good strategy is to pay no attention and simply continue with whatever it was you were doing. This means letting your dog know that you can’t be manipulated.

Give the dog the cold shoulder. When he starts trying to ‘bark you’ into doing something , become a tree.. Stand up and ignore your dog.

Become A Tree

Don’t look at him and don’t talk – not even a “no”. Become a tree. Your dog will probably be confused by this, and may even bark harder. The more times you’ve reinforced the behavior the more persistent he is going to be.

In fact, the barking will almost certainly get a lot worse before it gets better – after all, it’s worked for the dog in the past. It’s perfectly understandable that she’ll expect more of the same.

Consistency is very important in dog training. You must make sure that you don’t change your mind halfway through and give in to her demands. If you do this, you’re teaching her to be really, really persistent.”OK, so I just have to sound off for an extra fifteen minutes and then I get my walk,” is the message she’ll get.

Reducing The Need To Bark

Most dogs function best with one and a half hours’ exercise every day but this will depend on the state of the dog You might think your dogs getting a lot of exercise. When his barking combines fidgeting, restlessness or aggressive destructive behavior then more is required.

If you want to stop Beagles barking you may just have to exercise them more. Waking up a little earlier so that you can walk him before you go to work may be a solution.Think about getting a family member to take him for a walk while you are at work. If this is also impossible then you may have to put up with the dogs barking.

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Dogs Barking When They’re Bored To Tears

stop Beagles barking

Another reason for the dog sounding off may be a lot of time spent alone. Dogs always want plenty of attention. They like to have family members around. In the absence of these, they get anxious and edgy.

If you’re at home with your dog, and you notice that she’s barking a lot for no clear reason, she’s probably bored to tears and lonely. A healthy dose of love and attention will often stop Beagles barking.

He is trying to summon his pack – you.

Sirens and wailing noises are a trigger for Beagles that howl. We once thought that sirens hurt sensitive ears and howling was a protest of pain.

Nowadays most behaviorists think it’s an instinctive group behavior. The right noise, a siren, or even certain notes on a stringed instrument will get a dog raising his nose to the sky, and wooo-wooo-wooing . The neighborhood dogs just can’t help joining in the chorus.

It’s a doggy choral group or a doggy karaoke evening. A way for dogs in the neighborhood and separated by fences to get in touch with their inner wolf and be part of something bigger–the pack.

One Last Thing

The howl is the biggest noise that a Beagle can make, and it carries over long distances. According to Elizabeth Palermo in her article at your pooch shares his penchant for howling with his distant relation, the wolf.

Much like barking or growling, howling is a deeply ingrained behavior that helps wolves communicate with one another. She goes on to explain in the wild, wolves that howl usually relay one of two messages. This is either to tell a rival pack that they’re encroaching on forbidden territory or to guide a wayward wolf back to his pack.

Then again my dog Biscuit howls along with the piano no matter how well Dianne may be playing.

Well that’s it for now I hope that you have picked up a few tips that will help you stop Beagles barking.

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