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How to Teach A Beagle Puppy The Watch Me Command

teach a beagle puppy the watch me command

Hello, everyone. Today we will be looking at how to teach a Beagle puppy the WATCH ME command. Getting your dog’s full attention is a very important part of training a Beagle because this breed can be very easily distracted. You are going to use the command WATCH ME to get your dog to focus on […]

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What To Do When Your Beagle Won’t Come

beagle won't come

Hi, thanks for visiting.Your Beagle won’t come when you call.He refuses to listen!As soon as I let him off the leash he runs away and acts like he can’t hear you?I understand your anxiety! A dog that runs away like this becomes a danger to himself and a headache to his owner.Your Beagle has no […]

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Teaching Your Beagle Puppy To Lie Down

reinforce your alpha status

​Hello, Everyone. Teaching your Beagle puppy to lie down is one of the more difficult commands for him to learn. It will take a bit of practice for your Beagle Pup to master this command, however it’s well worth all the effort. It’s a handy command if you need to keep your little associate in […]

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Teaching Your Beagle Puppy To Sit

Teaching your Beagle puppy to sit

Teaching your Beagle puppy to sit Hello, everyone. Today we are looking at a cue that’s going to be an important part of every dog’s vocabulary and should be one of the first things you teach your puppy to do.Teaching your Beagle puppy to sit on command. An eight-week old just out of the litter begin […]

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Teach Your Beagle Puppy To Stay – 10 Easy Steps

teach your beagle to stay

Hello, everyone. This week, We will cover how to teach your Beagle puppy to stay.I will also show you how to avoid backing away with your hand out and repeating your cue “STAY! STAY! STAY!” only for her to get up again and walk towards you. “STAY” is one of the more difficult exercises to teach, […]

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Teaching Beagle Puppy Leave It

teaching Beagle puppy leave

Hi everybody in this post I will show you how you start teaching Beagle puppy LEAVE IT.Teaching Beagle Puppy Leave It ​1.0 Close your hand around the treat. Leave a little sticking out so that the dog does not have easy access to it. Let him sniff it. 2.0 As soon as he pulls his head away from […]

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