How to Teach A Beagle Puppy The Watch Me Command

teach a beagle puppy the watch me command

Hello, everyone. Today we will be looking at how to teach a Beagle puppy the WATCH ME command.

Getting your dog's full attention is a very important part of training a Beagle because this breed can be very easily distracted. 

You are going to use the command WATCH ME to get your dog to focus on you.

This cue is an attention grabber when you're out and about with your Beagle, and is particularly useful if you want to divert his attention away from the things that bring out fearful or aggressive behavior.

If your dog is watching you instead of watching everything else going on around him, he will be less stressed and far less likely to get into trouble!

It’s not enough, to get your dog to just look at you when he wants something.. You want him to look at you when you ask. 

Beagles learn by body language, eye contact, and finally through a voice command, so we will be incorporating all three to quickly teach a Beagle puppy the WATCH ME command.

teach a beagle puppy the watch me command

Teach A Beagle Puppy The Watch Me Command

Here’s how to teach A Beagle puppy the 'WATCH ME' command:

Begin training cue in a quiet environment and gradually build up to busier places when your dog is when your dog has mastered this cue.

1.0 Call your Beagle by name.
2.0 Wait for him to make contact with you
3.0 Say 'GOOD'  'WATCH ME' in a friendly, pleased tone if voice
4.0 Give your him a treat while you have eye contact

Add in a hand signal

5.0 Now place another treat in front of your dog’s nose.
6.0 Tell your dog 'WATCH ME' as you hold your index finger in front of your eyes, to indicate where you want him to look
7.0 As soon as he correctly looks at you using the hand signal and the spoken cue reward him with a treat.

8.0 Repeat the cue until your dog can also respond to the cue without the treat.

Within a few short training sessions, you should have no problem getting your dog to focus his attention on you. 

Practice Everywhere

After your dog is able to get the hang of looking at you when you use the command continue your practice in different places and situations until you're sure he can obey no matter what.

Practice at the park, and anywhere else you and your puppy might go. You can reinforce the 'WATCH ME' command even when you're not training. Whenever your Beagle makes eye contact with you, you can simply say 'GOOD' 'WATCH Me' and then reward with a treat.

I know, the teach a Beagle puppy the WATCH ME command sounds simple. That's because it is!

Trust me, the 'WATCH ME' command can make a huge difference when you are training. Being able to get your Beagles attention whenever you want it can be vital someday and may end up saving your dog's life.

One More Thing

Whenever your dog looks at you without being asked, be sure to reward that behavior. The more you reinforce positive behavior, the faster your dog will learn and obey.

Do you think it's important to teach a Beagle puppy the WATCH ME command?

Bye Now!

Richard S.

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