Teach A Beagle Puppy To Accept His Leash

teach a Beagle puppy to accept his leash

teach a Beagle puppy to accept his leash

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for buying so many items from my links last month. You rock. New dog owners often think that their puppies will just instinctively know how to walk politely on a leash. This is not the case. You are going to have to teach a Beagle puppy to accept his leash.

Beagles were bred to hunt and have an incredible sense of smell. Once your beagle puppy catches a certain smell they'll want to go in search of it. For your little friend's own safety it's essential that you have him on his leash when walking outside your yard.

Introducing Your Beagle Puppy To His Harness Or Leash

Start To teach your Beagle puppy to walk politely on his leash at eight weeks. Beagle puppies can be safely walked with the use of a harness attached to a 6 -foot classic dog leash

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Begin by letting him become accustomed to wearing a harness and a leash. Try slipping it on while he’s eating. Practice taking it on and off so that you can do it effortlessly.

Teach Your Dog A Cue

Some people like to click and treat while others prefer to cluck their tongue. choose a quiet, distraction free place make the sound. As soon as your puppy turns and looks at you, give him a tasty dog treat.

After a couple of repetitions, you’ll find your puppy’s not only looking at you, but also coming over for the treat.

Get him to come to you. While he’s moving toward you, still wearing the leash and harness, back up several paces and give him a treat as he gets to you. Keep offering treats and praise as your pup gets used to coming to you, with his leash on.

Start Inside Your House

After you have done this for a couple of days the next step is to pick up the leash and follow your beagle puppy around the house for a while after he’s finished eating. Work this out until your puppy is used to his leash and you walking with him.

Puppies have very short attention spans, so keep your classes short, and end them when your little dog is keen to continue.

Watch As Victoria Does It

The Back - Yard

Now take your puppy outside. Your back-yard will be a good choice. Let your beagle puppy drag his leash with you following. After a while pick up the leash in one hand. In your other hold a dog treat. Use this treat to persuade him to walk at your side.

Tire your little dog out by playing a game of fetch in your backyard A tired, calmer puppy will be much easier teach.

teach a Beagle puppy to accept his leash

teach a Beagle puppy to accept his leash

Now, you're ready to test your puppy's skills with a walk in the park. There is going to be new challenges and some potentially tough situations with this step. The sights, scents, and sounds will be new and intriguing to him.

Get your puppy to sit next to your right leg, with his shoulder lined up with you.

Stepping off with your right leg. Tell your dog ‘heel.’ Right after you take off ahead turn about and walk quickly in an opposite direction.

As soon as he catches up and reaches the correct position next to your right leg and surges ahead.

Repeat the turn-about. Tell your dog ‘heel’.

Be patient; While you’re on a walk, if your Beagle looks as like he’s about to lunge towards another dog or becomes distracted (you’ll notice because you will be keeping your eyes on him at all times!), make your cue sound, move 1-2 steps away and reward him when he follows you with a dog treat.

Try not to become angry, or yell. assertive and keep your puppy calm.It will be far easier to teach a Beagle puppy to accept his leash if he's calm rather than scared and distressed.

What If My Puppy Pulls On The Leash?

If your puppy gets distracted or impatient, it may begin to pull. Remain Rock Still! If you refuse to budge when pulled, your little pal will learn that a slack leash allows him to go forward, and brings those tasty treats.

Don’t yank or jerk the dog's leash or drag your dog along. Your beagle may start to pull on the leash.

If your dog lunges toward something while on a walk — another dog, a cyclist, or skateboarder, redirect his attention with a treat so that you create some space between you and his target.

One Last Thing

Only consider acquiring a no pull harness as a last resort. These may end boisterous behavior, but should only be seen as a temporary solution.

Have you ever had to teach a Beagle puppy to accept his leash.I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment in the box below this post.

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