How to Teach A Beagle To Stay Off The Furniture

teach a Beagle to stay off the furniture

Hello Everyone. Trying to teach a Beagle to stay off the furniture is something many dog owners struggle with.

Beagles are territorial animals. This means that if you don’t establish some clear ground rules your dog may try to make your favorite sofa his home base.

Sitting on the sofa or sleeping on a warm bed is much more comfortable than being on a cold hard floor.

When your dog sees the opportunity to snuggle up on a soft couch it often becomes too great a temptation to resist.

Beagle puppies show those sad little eyes to their owners and are sleep on the bed without having to worry about being kicked off.

Now your puppy has grown up and you don’t want your him jumping up on furniture or sleeping with you in your bed. The problem is that once your Beagle has had a taste for the good life it can be an endless battle to teach a Beagle to stay off the furniture.

teach a Beagle to stay off the furniture

When Is It Not Okay For Your Dog To Get On The Furniture?

  1. You may just not like letting your Beagle on the furniture. If you decide you don’t want to share with the dogs, that’s your prerogative. Not everyone enjoys sharing their space with their pets.
  2. A Beagle will sometimes get up on the furniture hoping to gain a higher rank. When you allow this some dogs, think they have become an equal. They then assume they don't have to treat you as the alpha dog or obey your commands.
  3. Then there is the dog who thinks he owns the couch. If your beagle curls his lip, stiffens, growls or snaps at you to maintain his place on the furniture, it’s time for his couch privileges to end.

So how do you teach a Beagle to stay off the furniture? If you've made up your mind that he can no longer be on your bed or your sofa here are a few simple ideas that work.

teach a Beagle to stay off the furniture

How to Teach A Beagle To Stay Off The Furniture

It’s best to keep a beagle puppy off the couch from the beginning. It's much more difficult to un-train behavior once your dog has become used to it.

Start off by keeping him in his crate at night. When your dog has been potty trained transition him to his own comfortable bed in your bedroom.

If you find that your dog will not stay off the bed close the door or put up a doggy gate so he cannot go into your bedroom. Put his bed in another room.

You will be surprised how quickly your dog will learn that your bed is off limits.

I suggest that you select a do nut bed with a bolster. This will give him something to lean up against.

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You could get a few beds so your Beagle has a home base in the bedroom, kitchen and family room.

Toss a treat into the bed from time to time. He will soon understand that good things happen when he keeps to his own bed!

Every time your dog gets up on the sofa or a chair grab his collar and pull him. Tell your dog OFF . When you walk into the living room and he's sleeping on the couch, give him a firm NO and then tell him OFF.

As soon as he's off give him something to do. Give him a Kong stuffed with peanut butter or favorite toy to occupy his time.

Never let your Beagle get on any furniture he isn’t allowed to when you are in the same room.

Appropriate Use Of Treats

It's not a good idea to bribe your Beagle with treats to encourage him to get off the furniture. Its okay to give him a treat for going to his bed when you tell him to, but don’t lure him off the sofa with it.

Friends And Family

Make sure that friends and family members know the rules. You don't have to pull your dog off chairs or couches. It's better to lift and place him gently on the floor.

If only you kick your Beagle off the furniture but other people let him jump on, he will never learn he's not allowed to do it.

When He 's Home Alone

The desire for a soft comfortable bed to lie on will stay in your dog. So, when you’re at out of the house or at work the chances are that he will cuddle up on the couch even though he knows it's not allowed.

Pet shops have furniture mats with blunt spikes that detract from your couches comfortable appeal. I use a car floor mat placed upside down so that the “teeth” on the bottom makes my couch feel uncomfortable.

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One More Thing

You may decide to allow your dog to lie down with you and watch TV. This can happen only with your express permission.

Access to the furniture like walkies and food has no particular significance. Its just something your dog enjoys. You may choose to leverage it to shape good manners. Lying down politely might, just get you to pat the cushion next to you in an inviting way.

Teach your dog that access to the furniture, comes in exchange for quiet, polite behavior.

If you have any other ideas about how teach a Beagle to stay off the furniture and would like to share them please use the box below this post.

God Bless

Richard S.

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