Teach Your Beagle Puppy To Stay – 10 Easy Steps

teach your beagle to stay

Hello, everyone. This week, We will cover how to teach your Beagle puppy to stay.I will also show you how to avoid backing away with your hand out and repeating your cue “STAY! STAY! STAY!” only for her to get up again and walk towards you.

STAY” is one of the more difficult exercises to teach, because Beagle puppies find it difficult to be still! Start off small, building the cue up, gradually lengthening the time and distance of the stay. Make it easy for your puppy to get it right.

A large number of successful stays better for your puppy's obedience skills than a longer stay that ends with a wandering dog and an irritated owner. By using short, frequent practice exercises, this can be mastered and will be valuable in a variety of situations, like, before crossing a road, the front door is opened or when visitors arrive.

Teach Your Beagle Puppy To Stay - 10 Easy Steps

1.0 Choose a spot that’s familiar to your puppy where there are not too many tempting distractions about. Keep your Beagle puppy focused on you by standing directly in front of her, giving her your full attention

2.0 Take a tasty dog treat in your hand and, ask your puppy to sit or lie down. It doesn’t matter which you might choose, just keep your dogs comfort in mind. A "SIT" could be physically difficult to hold for a few minutes, while lying down may feel a little more vulnerable.

3.0 Kick off the training by putting your hand in front of you with your palm facing your dog like a stop sign. Hold it there for a couple of seconds.

4.0 Tell your puppy "SIT".

5.0 If your puppy holds the position for a second or two, praise her and give her a tasty treat and tell her “ GOOD GIRL”.

Watch This Little Beagle Do Her Tricks

6.0 Now practice and tell your dog 'STAY' as you put your hand up. Hold it there for a couple of seconds then praise your puppy, followed by a treat.

7.0 Gradually lengthen the amount of time your hand is up until she's staying in one spot for one full minute. Now repeat the process, this time getting your pup to hold the position for a couple of seconds longer before you give her that yummy treat.

8.0 Tell your Beagle puppy to stay and take a step back. Dogs like to follow us when we walk away from them. It's likely that your little friend will forget everything she's learned and follow you. If your puppy gets up and walks toward you, lure her back to the original starting place and repeat the exercise.

If your puppy stays sitting in one place, walk over to her and reward with excited verbal praise and a nice treat.

9.0 Practice this process until your puppy has mastered staying in one place. Then, continue until you can do at least five steps back without her moving.

10.0 Every time she holds her stay praise her and offer a treat. Repeat the sequence, gradually adding a few seconds and asking your puppy for a longer stay.

What Do I Do If It's Not Working?

If she stands up, take a breath and then give her a short refresher. Start at a point somewhat easier than whatever you were working on when she broke. Or consider that she may be tired-- maybe she’s learned as much as she can for now. In that case, ask do one very easy repeat at a level where she’s letter perfect, and then call it a day.

The instance your puppy breaks her stay, tell her “SIT! STAY”. Then you should try again.

  • If you’ve been working with your puppy and she knows the stay command, you can reprimand her using a sharp tone when she’s moving out of position.
  • Don’t punish your puppy! By the time you catch up with your her, she’s already broken her stay.She’ll think the punishment is for allowing you to catch her–not for breaking her stay.

Achieving An Advanced “STAY”

teach your Beagle puppy to stay

Once your dog has the hang of the “STAY” command, you can slowly make it more challenging. The stay gets harder and harder for your dog depending on how long it is, how far away you are, and what else is going on around her.

  • Stand a foot away from your dog then tell her “STAY”. Now go to two feet and go on increasing the distance.
  • Practice the 'STAY' by turning your body and walking away. Try walking to her side or circle around her. Make sure your puppy can stay in one place while people run past, when the doorbell rings, or if you go into another room in the house.
  • Eventually, your puppy will be able to sit quietly for one minute while you stand ten feet away from her. Watch your dog carefully to make sure you’re not pushing her past her skill level, and slipping her the occasional treat and some praise.
  • You want your puppy to stay until you let her know she’s free to move. You’ll need a “release cue,” a word that means the stay is over.

Release Cue

I use “ OFF “ and I haven’t had any problems. Mind you, I look at the puppy and speak in an unusually happy tone.

That's it for "Teach Your Beagle Puppy To Stay". Should you have any difficulties and need some help please use the comment box below this post.

Bye For Now !

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