Teaching Beagle Puppy Leave It

teaching Beagle puppy leave it

Hi everybody in this post I will show you how you start teaching Beagle puppy LEAVE IT.

Teaching Beagle Puppy Leave It 

1.0 Close your hand around the treat. Leave a little sticking out so that the dog does not have easy access to it. Let him sniff it.

2.0 As soon as he pulls his head away from the treat, praise him and give him the treat.

3.0 Repeat the steps several times, then add a command “ leave it. ”

4.0 The minute he hesitates or looks away from the treat, praise him and give him the treat.

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Now Using Two Treats

1.0 Place one treat in your open hand and repeat the steps, except this time you reward the dog with the other (closed) hand.

2.0 Follow this up by putting the treat on the floor.

3.0 Repeat the process, rewarding the dog with the dog treat you have in your hand, not the one on the floor.

4.0 Finally, put the dog on the leash and walk him past the treat on the floor. As he goes to get the treat tell him “leave it.” The moment he stops or looks at you give him lots of praise and reward him with the treat that you have in your hand, and not the one on the floor.

Keep teaching beagle puppy LEAVE IT on the leash. Place other objects on the floor. As soon as teaching your puppy “leave it” is doing well inside the house, you can start to use it outside.

Go To Your Place

teaching beagle puppy leave it

It’s a smart idea to give your dog a specific place in your house. Then you can train him to go there on command. You can be specific about the place by teaching “go to your crate” or “go to your place.” A practical use of this command is when you are eating and don’t want the dog around.

1.0 Show the Beagle a treat and let him sniff it.

2.0 Lure him to his place, say ” go to your place.”

3.0 Next toss a treat into his place , and say “go to your place.”

4.0 When he follows after the treat tell him “good place”.

5.0 After a few repetitions say “go to your place”.

6.0 As soon as the dog goes to his place, tell him “good place” and step in with or toss him a treat.

One Last Thing

Dog training is very literal. Each and every command has a specific body language and reference point. We can talk to our dogs but it calls for patience and it may take hundreds of repetitions of a command.

Many people expect teaching Beagle puppy LEAVE IT to be easy as pie. I assure you its going to take some time and patience before the puppy gets it.

Sometimes we have higher standards for our dogs that we do for other people. We need to delight in possibility of communicating with another species.

We can communicate with our dogs but it takes hard work. The benefits for both parties make it all worthwhile.

Bye For Now

Richard S.

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