Teaching Your Beagle Puppy To Come When You Call


Hi, Everyone, Teaching your Beagle Puppy to come when you call is by far the most important basic command and possibly the hardest to train.

If you’re sick and tired of chasing after your Beagle puppy, then it's time you taught him to come to you when you call.

great ways to exercise your beagle

Teaching your Beagle puppy to come when you call will make all your other training easier, and it may just save his life one day as well.

These dogs don't have a grandiose plan to cause you to look foolish in front of your friends. It's just that they prefer to hang out where they can find the more fascinating stuff.

Originally bred to track small prey, Beagles have sensitive noses.They have been described as having a “nose with feet,” meaning once it has picked up on a scent, it won’t let up until it has found its target.

One moment your puppy is right there next to you sniffing a heap of mulch, the next he takes off, nose to the ground following a trail, totally oblivious to your directives.

Why Is A Reliable Recall So Hard To Train?

1.0 “Come” Means Play Time Is Over

We expect our dogs to come when we call them when they’re off-lead at the dog park. Over time, the dog has learnt that ‘come means play time is over, let's go home.

From your puppies point of view, this is usually the highlight of his day. There are lots of interesting things to see, like people and their dogs, not forgetting those tempting scents to investigate! Your Beagle may simply ignore you if he knows it’s going to be the least exciting option.

When you're putting your puppy’s leash on to leave the park, take a little time to play with him. Get him to do a trick for a dog treat. allow him to keep that stick he may have found and to explore a little on the way out.

2.0 Your Dog Doesn’t Recognize Your Cue

The basic problem in dog training is thinking that your dog knows what a word means. Then we muddle the cue by repeating it over and again adding other words to emphasize our frustration.

Although the command you want to teach is “come,” you might be saying “Come. Come. Come! Four Pence, Get over here now! Come!”

3.0 You Have Made The Command Irrelevant

Repeatedly calling the dog may burn the command. Your puppy may decide its irrelevant. This is known as 'learned irrelevance. The dog learns that being called is no big deal.

If your dog has a history of hearing 'Four Pence come!' and goes on tracking smells and taking off, you may need to start fresh and create a new cue. Should you continue to use the burnt cue the results will likely stay the same.

Whenever you forget to reward your dog when he comes to you on cue, you’re not delivering all the necessary incentives for obedience. During training praise your dog. Offer genuine affection when you are teaching your Beagle Puppy to come when you call and give treats immediately when he comes to you.

4.0 Your Dog Has Become Afraid To Respond To The “Come” Command

This comes about when you’re furious because he’s doing something you don’t want him to do. If “come” becomes associated with anger and accompanied immediately with a scolding or some form of punishment, the command becomes something your dog does not like to hear.

Try not to call your dog for something unpleasant. This will ''poison the cue. Don't call your puppy for something unpleasant like bathing, or giving medicine the dog dislikes. Only call him over when something good is going to follow.

5.0 You’re Not The Alpha – Yet

Have you ever wondered what kind of relationship exists where a Beagle would want to listen to his human?

Its one where the dog sees his owner as his leader.(Alpha)

For canines, there's always a leader. If your dog is not absolutely clear that you are the alpha he will not listen to you.

Here is a pack leader activity you can use as part of your daily training routine to remind him that you're the boss.. 

 One of the most important commands your Beagle puppy can learn is "sit." You can incorporate "sit" into everyday situations to remind your puppy you are in charge of things. Tell your dog "sit" before you play, before you feed him, before you allow him to go out in the yard.

6.0 You Haven’t Practiced Enough

The cue has to be practised multiple times each day and in progressively complex circumstances. If you cat get your puppy to come reliably when there’ll no distractions, there’s no way he’ll obey when there’s a squirrel or an engaging scent pulling at his attention.

Teach your cue in stages. Start at home where there are no distractions, then go out in the yard and add a few minor distractions. Now practice at the dog park or some other safe, less familiar place.

Decide what the recall command will be; either ‘come’ or the dog’s name. Since dogs want to spend time where the action and the goodies are, make it your business to be fun and deliver goodies. On its own, having fun around you won’t teach your dog to come when called, but it is going to make the assignment a great deal easier.

Teaching Your Beagle Puppy To Come When You Call

Teaching your Beagle Puppy to come when you call
Dogs are nearly always analyzing the costs and benefits of their behaviour. We should always make sure its more rewarding for our puppies to come to us when called than to pay no attention and keep on exploring.

In practice, this can be very challenging.

As with all training, it’s extremely important to go with a reward that is irresistible for your dog. Beagles are usually food obsessed? Perhaps a special toy or game is your puppies favourite reward? Whatever you select make sure it’s special,, something you only offer during training classes. When you're teaching your Beagle Puppy to come when you call producing a new dog treat adds an element of surprise.

1.0 Start practising this command at home while your Beagle puppy seems bored. Don’t begin when he's busy playing with a ball, or romping about with the kids.

Wait until he’s not paying any attention to you, call his name and say "come." If he's bored enough, he will willingly run over with his tail wagging. If he just looks in your direction and doesn’t come straight away, show him you have something in your hand he will like.

Give him some praise and the treat that you have held on to. Now he will probably want some more treats and he will continue to follow you in because he’s hoping for some more mouth-watering food.

2.0 Get your puppy to sit and stay while you go into another room. As soon as he’s out of sight, repeat the last two steps again – call him over and then reward him when he comes.

Practice this about eight times then give your puppy a rest.

3.0 Have a couple of these training exercises every day until he gets better at it.

4.0 Now try this command out in your backyard Call him at random during the day. Just be sure you always reward him for his obedience.

5.0 Raise that level of skill with patient practice starting relatively easy situations. Call your puppy to dinner or a game of fetch. Have the entire family call him, and each of you give her a biscuit as a reward.

6.0 Next, practice on a long-line in an area where there are few distractions.

7.0 As you progress and if your Beagles recall is reliable, slowly introduce distractions. As soon as you're certain your dog’s ability to obey the recall command, you'll be able to practice off-lead in a secure and safe place.

Repeat over and over, in a variety of locations and at different times during the day.

What If You Call Your Puppy And He Ignores You?

Do not continue to call him over and over, and please don’t give chase. Wait until your puppy is less distracted and try once again.

You need to have a consequence or he will think he can get away with it.

NEVER call your dog twice! Go over to him and pick up. This tells him ''Your Not Right This Moment", is "Now", no excuses!''

When your Beagle puppy obeys the recall command, don’t put him on the leash and leave the park right away. Rather, reward him for his obedience and allow him to go off again and play for a while.

If your dog obeys a recall in an area where there are lots of distractions give an extra special reward. This lets your dog know that he did a superb job.

Please let me know if you have trouble teaching your Beagle Puppy to come when you call. I would love to help.

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“Sometimes you're sure dogs have some secret, superior intelligence, and other times you know they're only their simple, goofy selves.” 

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