Teaching Your Beagle Puppy To Lie Down

Teaching your beagle puppy to lie down

Hello, Everyone. Teaching your Beagle puppy to lie down is one of the more difficult commands for him to learn. It will take a bit of practice for your Beagle Pup to master this command, however it's well worth all the effort. It's a handy command if you need to keep your little associate in one place and out of trouble.

It takes far more energy for a puppy to get up from a DOWN than a SIT, so he will be less likely to break out of the position.“DOWN” is a very useful behavior you will come to rely on in many different situations.

Why "DOWN" Is An Important Skill 

If your puppy gets a little wound up a "DOWN” gives him an opportunity to calm down and remember that you are the one in control. Both the “SIT” and “DOWN” commands are handy for bringing a boisterous puppy back down to earth before a situation gets out of hand.

For Beagle puppies, this is an especially important skill because they’re hunting dogs and will often ignore COME and race off in search of adventure.

This can be a truly lifesaving command if you need your puppy to stay put when there's car approaching and he could be injured.

The “DOWN” command provides a foundation for other more advanced commands and helps establish you as the alpha.

Teaching Your Beagle Puppy To Lie Down

Teaching your beagle puppy to lie down

1.0 Choose a peaceful place free from distractions.

2.0 Take your puppy’s favorite yummy treat and hold it an inch in front of his chest.

3.0 Tell your puppy “DOWN” and slowly bring your hand down. While the puppy's nose is after the treat hand, begin moving your hand down toward the floor. Aim your baited hand about 2 inches in front of his front paws.

4.0 You have effectively lured your puppy’s nose to the ground, now begin very slowly moving your hand across the surface away from him until he lies down. With this exercise, your hand movement should resemble an “L” pattern.

Your puppy’s hindquarters will drop, since lying down is a position that's more comfortable for him.

5.0 As your puppy sinks into a lying position immediately: say “Yes” in a cheerful, delighted tone. Put several treats between his front paws. This will prevent your puppy getting up too quickly.

6.0 After you have repeated several times with plenty of praise your puppy.

7.0 Now teach your Beagle puppy to lie down from a standing position

Important Tip

Practice until your puppy will respond to your verbal command and lie down without a treat incentive.

8.0 When you're satisfied with your puppy getting into the “DOWN” you want to add a release command to it.

When you tell your puppy “DOWN” he goes straight down and is not allowed up until you issue another command. You can use "OK" or " " OFF YOU GO”.

9.0 Should you find yourself in an emergency situation you want your puppy to obey from any position. Teaching your beagle puppy to lie down starting from a SIT is easier however but as soon as your puppy’s got the idea, begin practicing “DOWN” from a standing position.

10.0 Make “DOWN” progressively more challenging by introducing the three D’s: distance, duration, and distraction.

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Duration, Distance, Distraction

Duration Move your training to a public place. Tell your puppy “DOWN”.

Increase the time you keep your little friend in the position.

Distance Stand a step further away from your puppy every time you give the “DOWN” command.

Distractions If your puppy goofs, go back a step before the goof and go through the steps until he’s getting it right again. Scatter some food about or bounce a tennis ball in the areas around your dog when he's lying down.

You will know your puppy’s mastered this command when your “DOWN” is so strong in your dog's psyche, that not a single one these matters. He can only chase the ball or eat the treats once you released him from the “DOWN”.

Training Tips

Never force your puppy into the “DOWN” position. Puppies normally do not learn this way. Do not yell or punish your puppy. This will encourage mistrust and it can lead him to resist training in the future.

Hold short training sessions 5- 10 minutes 2-3 times a day indoors and outside. Always try to end your sessions on a positive note. End with a cue that your puppy knows followed by a yummy treat.

If you're still having difficulty teaching your beagle puppy to lie down try marking the behavior for a few days.Every time you catch him lying down say “DOWN,” then praise and reward him with a treat.

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