Understand Why Your Beagle’s Digging – How To Stop It

understand why your Beagle's digging

Hello, Everyone. Today I want to help you understand why your Beagle's digging and how to stop it.

My Beagle didn't dig until the kids began digging in the garden to make mud pies. Then, Four Pence decided to help them. After that, the dog was hooked.

I know It can be infuriating when you look out the window and see your Beagle digging another hole in your flower beds. Especially when you yell at him to interrupt his digging, and he ignores you and keeps right on digging.

If you want to stop it you need to understand why your Beagle's digging and follow my suggestions carefully.

Clearly communicate to your budding archaeologists that digging in the yard is unacceptable behavior.

American Dogs That Dig

Digging is hard-wired into the DNA of many breeds so nearly all dogs like to dig. A recent national survey revealed that over 80% of American dog owners have dogs that dig.

Understand Why Your Beagle's Digging - How To Stop It

1.0 Your Beagle's digging because its fun

1.0 Your Beagles Digging Because Its Fun

A Beagle who digs for fun will normally alternate between digging and racing about. If your dog is digging for entertainment, you’ll get holes located randomly around your garden.

These dogs belong to the hound family and were originally bred to hunt. So, digging is natural behavior for your dog. It's self-rewarding and to stop it you will need to understand why your Beagle's digging and decide to do something about it.

Try selecting a part of your garden where he will be allowed to dig.

Mark it off in some way. Beagles like to join you when your gardening. Give him his very own place to dig so he can stay outdoors and do a little gardening of his own.

I have a sandbox in my garden for my dogs. If you like the idea teach your Beagle to confine his digging to his dog pit. It's going to take a little time and encouragement before your Beagle gets it.

When he starts digging in his sandbox, praise him excitedly and reward him with a nice dog treat.

If he starts to dig any place else, correct him firmly: while he's digging and tell him 'No!' Take him by his collar and put him in his sandbox.

As soon as he's in there, praise him and give him a treat. Your Beagle will soon catch on.

2.0 Its Monkey see and Monkey Do

Dogs dig to hide stuff for later. That's why your Beagles digging he sees you digging, and he thinks you may be hiding something he may want.

It’s monkey see, and monkey do. You might have an eager little helper or the type who watches you and thinks…These humans, just don't understand how to do this right.

3.0 Beagles often Dig because They're Bored

Beagles are intelligent dogs that need plenty of different things to do. In the absence of adequate mental or physical exercise, they may turn to destructive ways to vent their frustration - like digging.

Chewing is a proven boredom buster and a Classic Kong filled with peanut butter might do the trick. A Bob A Lot will make his early morning kibble last a bit longer.

understand why your Beagle's digging

4.0 Your Beagle Could Be trying To escape

Some Beagles try to escape by digging under the fence. He may have after a female sweetheart in season, or he could be trying to find a chum.

Some folks reinforce bottom of their fences with chicken wire to prevent their little Houdini impersonators from escaping. The solution may be to have your dog neutered.

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5.0 A Beagle May Dig In Search of Small Prey

Your Beagle is and will always be a scent hound.

Curious to a fault, Beagles often follow their noses–which can lead to destructive digging if they're not provided with daily activity.?

A Beagle's nose guides him through life, and they’re never happier than when they're trying to dig up small prey, such as rats, mice, moles, or small insects.

It is pretty hard to prevent instinctive behavior but the trick is getting your dog to focus his attention on something else.

6.0 The dog may be trying to keep cool

In warm weather, your dog may dig a shallow hole to lie in, because the ground just under the surface is much cooler.

Get him a dog house - no dog that spends time in the open air should be without one.

understand why your Beagle's digging

What You can try When all else Fails

Protect your beds and borders with a low picket fence. You'll be amazed at how even a modest fence can become a visual barrier to your dog.

Stop your Beagle digging holes in the garden by burying mesh or chicken wire in the spot where he's been digging. Or try a crude garden moat created with pine cone bedding. You might try placing pruned rose or holly branches around your beds or plants.

Sprinkle a mixture of powdered mustard and crushed red pepper in areas you want to be protected. One or two sniffs or licks will discourage your dog from returning to the area.

A tired dog is a good dog! Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, play time and training games to keep him active and happy, and your yard hole-free.

I hope that you understand why your Beagle's digging. Would you like to share some of the techniques you may have used to stop your Beagle digging holes in the garden? Please use the comment box below this post. Thank you!

Bye Now

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