What Beagles Should Not Eat Or Drink

what Beagles should not eat

Hello, Everyone pinpointing potentially threatening food and knowing what Beagles should not eat can save your dogs' life.

Beagles love to explore their surroundings. They will eat anything in their path. They could be eating things they shouldn't.

Your Beagles diet and the quality of food they eat often determines their lifespan. It determines if they will be able to lead healthy lives.

"I don't eat anything that a dog won't eat. Like sushi. Ever see a dog eat sushi? My dog just sniffs it and says, "No Thanks." This is an animal that licks between its legs and sniffs fire hydrants? "William Coronel

Beagle health problems might be caused by a poor quality diet. These issues can include diabetes, blood disease, pancreas problems, liver and kidney damage and even premature death.

What Your Beagle Should Not Eat.

What Beagles Should Not Eat - Food


Beagles eating chocolate is disastrous, leading to the death in some cases.


You may be surprised that Beagles should not eat certain vegetables.

Beagles eating onions absorb toxins that can cause a blood disorder Haemolytic Anaemia.

Your Beagle could possibly become ill developing liver Problems that will affect their quality of life.


Toxins in mushrooms often lead to serious Beagle health issues like canine liver disease, kidney problems.

Even premature death.

Fatty Foods

An excess of fat is bad for most animals. Beagles are no exception.

Beagles fed high-fat food over a long period can become obese. Diabetes can develop if you Beagle has an unhealthy lifestyle.

Raisins and Grapes

As little as 1 ounce can cause kidney failure.

Macadamia Nuts

1/2 ounce can cause temporary paralysis.


One-half teaspoon can destroy red blood cells in a Beagle.

Avoid Active Yeast, Raw Bread Dough. Wild Cherry, Almond, and Apricots.

Don't Let Your Dog Eat

what your beagle should not eat

Balsam Pear, Japanese Plum, Coffee grounds.

Tomato and Potato leaves and stems.

Beware of Avocados, Pear and Peach Kernels, Rhubarb and Spinach.

Alcohol, Xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in some sugar-free gums)

Plants Your Beagles Should Not Eat

Some indoor and outdoor plants are toxic if eaten by your Beagle. Avoid poisoning your favorite pet knowing what Beagles should not eat. Keep dangerous plants out of reach. replace them with safer alternatives.

Indoor Plants

Avoid Amaryllis, Arrowhead Vine, Asparagus fern, and Azalea.

Bird-of-paradise, Boston Ivy, lily, Caladium, Calla or Arum, and Chrysanthemum.

Keep Your Dog Away From

Creeping Charlie, Creeping Fig, and Crown Of Thorns.

Dumbcane (dieffenbachia), Elephant's Ear, Emerald Duke and Heart Leaf (Philodendron)

These Are Very Toxic

Ivy Species, Jack-in-the-pulpit and Jerusalem cherry.

Majesty, Malanga, Marble Queen, Mother-in-law plant, Nephthys, and Nightshade.

Don't Let Your Dog Eat

Parlor Ivy, Poinsettia, Pot Mum, Pothos or Devil's Lily. Red princess, Ripple Ivy and Saddle Leaf (philodendron).

Split Leaf (philodendron), Sprangeri Fern and Spider Mum.

Tuberous Begonia, Umbrella Plant, and Weeping Fig.

Outdoor Plants

Almond, American Yew, Angels' Trumpet and Apricot.

Azalea, (Rhododendron) Balsam, Pear, Bird-of-Paradise Bush and Bittersweet.

Avoid Woody Buckeye Buttercup, Castor Bean, and Cherry.

China Berry, Coriaria, Daffodil, Delphinium, Dologeton and Dutchman's breeches.

Other Dangerous Plants 

what your beagle should not eat

English holly, English Yew, Foxglove and Ground Cherry.

Horse Chestnut, Indian Tobacco, Indian Turnip, Japanese plum and Jasmine

Jimson Weed Larkspur and Woody Loco Weed.

Lupine, Marijuana and Matrimony Vine.

Also Keep Them Away From

May Apple, Mescal Bean, Mock Orange and Monkey Pod Moon Seed.

Morning Glory, Mushrooms, Nightshade, Nutmeg, and Nux Vomica.

Peach, Periwinkle, Peyote, Pig Weed and Poison Hemlock.

Poke Weed, Poppy, Privet, Rain tree and Rhubarb Skunk Cabbage,

These Plants Are Toxic

Soap Berry, Spinach, Sunburned Potato and Tomato Vine.

Water Hemlock, Western Black Locust Yew, Wild Cherry and Wisteria.

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